"My films celebrate the boundless potential of the individual to overcome any limitations."

"Oh... and Han shot first."

"Oh, we always follow the Golden Rule."

"Again... Again... Do it again!

Liked it once? Do it again!"

Roger Bourke White Jr.'s

Scripts-To-Flix Land



Roger is a great story teller.

He's been writing science fiction, fantasy and quirky romance stories since the 1980's.

Roger's stories have a distinctly different point of view. His stories don't have surprise endings... they are surprising starting from page one.

Surprising... and surprisingly good.

In 2007, Roger took it upon himself to go the next step: he learned scriptwriting.

Now, he is taking the next step, again, and converting those scripts into real-life movies and videos.

Lights, camera, action, Wait! Who has the story! Welcome to Scripts to Flix