Visions of 2051

More Mixed Bag Thoughts

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright May 2016


The Unknown Jobs of 2050

I have written about the Top 40 Jobs that will be mainstream jobs in the 2050's. These are activities we know about today, in the 2010's, that are going to become more numerous and popular in the 2050's. What I have been unable to figure out are what are going to be the "serious" jobs of the 2050's -- those that are going to be done by humans and are going to be moving and shaking the 2050's world.

This has worried me. Are humans going to really become that irrelevant to the success and progress of the 2050's world?

...Upon further reflection I have come up with an encouraging pattern. One that will let humans stay relevant.

The pattern is that as the Industrial Revolution keeps evolving, many of the jobs that become mainstream in one era are minor or completely unheard of fifty years earlier. An example of this would be the transition from horses to motor cars. In the 1900's automotive repairmen were an exotic job and unheard of by most of the working population. The "repairmen" of the street transportation industry of the 1900's were horse tenders of various sorts. Then change happens. By the 1940's horse tending was a minor occupation and automotive repairman was the mainstream job of that part of the transport industry.

This same style of job evolution is likely to occur between the 2010's and the 2050's. The important jobs of the 2050's are likely to be jobs that are currently obscure niche jobs in the high tech environment, or not even created yet.

For me, coming up with this thought is a relief. Humans can still be doing valuable contributions to our world in the 2050's, and be doing it along side the massive automation and artificial intelligences that will be mainstream by then as well.

Fear of Flying and wearables

One of the surprise uses of wearables is going to be fixing commercial air travel.

Air travel rituals are dominated by an instinctive fear of flying that many people have. This fear leads to aircraft terrorism and the cumbersome TSA rituals.

One of the surprise benefits of emotion controlling wearables is fixing the fear of flying. And once that is fixed then commercial air travel can evolve with a lot more practicality and convenience at the root of the evolution. Air travel can become much more convenient in the same ways that hotels and the whole lodging industry have evolved over the last century.

This will be a real good thing in my opinion. I have been deeply frustrated with commercial air travel rituals since the mid-1990's when things started getting seriously cumbersome after the Lockerby Incident happened during the Clinton administration.

Mixing romance and wearables

With wearables able to control emotions, romance is going to suffer from Tattoos and T-Shirts. Its commodity functions are going to be dramatically changed and it is going to become more a domain of personal expression.

In fact, many social relations are going to undergo Tattoos and T-Shirts as the wearables control of emotions grows in extent and subtleness. The transformation is going to be much like watching AI master human games: the Chess -> Jeopardy -> Go evolution.

With smartphones becoming internalized communication and cyber muses being the new technology, how do "older technology" human-human relations become optional "commodity" relations? What is personal expression in this context? How does the social relation between humans become more selective, better looking, better conducted and more ritualized?

In romantic relations, if personal expression is now at the core of social relations... Does a threesome make sense in this day/age, as in socially acceptable? Or does this stay in shaming territory? What other mixes make sense?

This transformation means that social shaming is also now a Tattoos and T-Shirts victim. How does social shaming become more of personal expression? What is the commodity use it is losing? How is it done better and with more ritual? That in mind, which romantic activities, such as threesomes, will get shamed. And by whom?

Matron-thinking Feminists are likely to keep evolving into world-class shamers. Who else will become notorious shamers? I'm thinking of the college athlete and trainer story that came up this month. Who was doing that shaming? Who decided it was an inappropriate relation?

This is TES time. This is Top 40 jobs time. This is Baby Club time. All of these will influence romance.

Is the government paying well for those who take up parenting? It this now a Top 40 Job? Is romance going to help parenting? Will it become even more independent of parenting? Romance doesn't have to be part of the relation if parenting is now a job. What is the relation between romance and the parenting job in this TES environment? Are there two styles of parenting: paying parenting jobs and "traditional" parenting jobs? Is romance still considered part of the traditional parenting job?

Besides making kids, why else to get romantically involved with someone? What will human romance offer that cyber muse romance or VR romance can't? Romance is competing with the 2050's version of smartphone texting. Why turn romance into a formal commitment? In TES, with government doing so much paying, what is being committed?

Conversely, what will be the penalties for creating a "woman scorned" in this environment? As in, the man breaking up a committed-to relation. The emotion to support penalizing a man for making this happen is still a strong one, so the penalties will still happen. Alimony and child support will transform, they won't go away.

Under what circumstances does it make sense to turn the "I love just you" circuit off? Philandering may still make good story telling, but in the age of wearables, why philander? Will philandering support ambition? How about including supporting having varied lifestyles, as in bigamy, in the accepted social scenery? This seems to show up some times these days with men who have to travel between two locations routinely, and know they will be doing so for many years.

What other social disasters will be good reason to turn off wearable romance?

When to turn on the "I love just you, and I will always love you." switch

This switch will become available on wearables. Turn your's on, turn your partner's on, and enduring, loving monogamy becomes pretty much a given. There will be no suspense, no worry, about the condition of this relation in the real world.

So, when will this be used, and what social ceremony will surround it?

The ceremony will likely become an evolved version of the current proposal ceremony. When two people decide it is the right time, they will vow, and have their wearables vow. The wedding is a follow-up ceremony, and an optional one. Weddings will take on two forms: the continuing of romance form, and the supporting family social politics form. (what is now an arranged marriage) Both proposal and wedding ceremonies are going to become much more elaborate and expensive. These will become forms of personal expression, not commodity activities.

Idea related to above

New story idea: kind of spooky one: Marriage and Love supported by wearables. As in, "I want to love this person, so I'm letting my wearables keep me in love with him/her."

If there is a lot of this going on then the parks and other public places are going to be even more filled with couples "doing mushy stuff" because they will still be in the romantic love phase of their relation. All-in-all, this sounds good, but kind of spooky as well. It bring right to the forefront the question of why romantic love typically fades into the more subdued form after a few years. What's the evolutionary advantage in having that happen? It happens routinely so there must be an evolutionary advantage to having romantic love be a years-long feeling, not a decades-long feeling.


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Space beings evolved from humans

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o Handle unexpected better than cyber... Why? How to train for this?


Space cruise liners to compete with ocean cruise liners for vacation attention. Avatar cruise ship implementation?

o What is the benefit? Novelty is one, what else?

o Visit the Moon? To see what? A Moon city? Moon culture? Who will develop Moon culture? It will first be invented by some marketing type specifically so tourists have something to see.

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