Notes for the Wise Old Man stories

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright January 2016


This man gets his consciousness moved into new young bodies.

These new bodies will be custom grown for him to inhabit. They can be grown to live in many different environments. What will his/her wisdom offer? Where will it be used? How will he transfer from one body to the next?

On Europa is the one possibility. This body on Europa can be something that lives only a few years. The radiation levels are too high for organic life to survive for long.

Where is wisdom going to be a benefit? This is the converse of "urban legend equality" -- the concept that if believing in urban legends is not harming a person's day-to-day lifestyle... why not? So, where in the various worlds of 2050 is wisdom going to be making a difference? Where is it going to be valuable?

One idea: Wise Old Man is created secretly in a North Korea-style totalitarian state. He is there to break up the ruling hierarchy and help the community get back in touch with prosperity and the rest of the world.


--The End--