The Baby Club Lifestyle

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright February 2018


How children are created and then raised is going to be quite different in the 2050's. The root causes for this difference are the increasing abilities to control the genes that create the baby and the change of marriage into an institution of personal expression rather than one for joining together families (as in, creating in-laws) and creating and raising children.

The result of these changes is going to be the rise of baby clubs as the primary social organization people go to for creating and raising children.

This essay is about what baby clubs will be like.

The Baby Club Experience

Baby Clubs are going to be the social organization that people turn to when they are ready to have and raise children. There will still be marriages raising children and single parent families but the center of social gravity will become baby clubs. They are going to evolve into the most common place where single parents get together to share experiences and resources.

A baby club will be like a home owners association (HOA) but with the primary goal being raising children. Like HOA's baby clubs will have themes, and these themes will be what attract customers. They will also have inconsistencies, and lots of gossiping and arguing among members about how it should be run. When arguments happen they will be as emotionally intense as those in an HOA.

Here is an example of who will want to be in a baby club: A guy dates a woman because he wants her egg to fertilize and raise. He doesn't want her, just her egg. He will do the raising in a baby club he will join.

Wearables, Muses and Pervasive Surveillance

Wearables, cyber muses and pervasive surveillance are all going to affect baby club lifestyle. One effect will be constant monitoring of both kids and adults. One constantly discussed and constantly modified issue will be when to trigger the various warnings that become possible. Should a child simply falling be enough to trigger a warning? Bleeding after a scratch? Two kids yelling at each other? Just one kid doing the yelling? Wearables showing a child feeling sad about something? These are examples of warning possibilities coming up. These will make today's helicopter parenting look positively remote.

Once the warning is triggered what action should a parent or cyber muse take? And which parent: the closest physically, the expert on this threat, or the biological?

All sorts of Trigger Questions

When will adults trigger warnings? When they yell at... what? Kids, pets, other adults? What physical activities will bring about warnings? Violence against what? Petty crime of what sorts?

What are OK practices?

What raising practices are OK? How much do they vary from club to club? There should be a lot of variation from club to club. This will be one of the most distinctive features for each club. For instance, how much outdoor activity does the club allow children to engage in? And how much of that outdoor activity is risky? Can the kids go play down by the creek? Can they get bitten by mosquitoes? How about non-poisonous snakes? How about crocodiles?

Education will be another hot topic. What gets taught and how is it taught? How much is comfortable urban legend teaching versus how much is rigorous teaching about harsh reality that creates ambitious class adults?

Who can set up a club?

Who can set up a baby club? What kinds of organizations will be in the gray area? For example: Can a gang set up a baby club? Does this become a sanctuary for them when they do questionable activities outside the club? What happens when a member brings in too many of the wrong kinds of strangers -- such as, being a whore?

How does a club relate to its neighborhood? Can a club become a sanctuary for adult activities the surrounding community finds questionable? Such as religious choices or being a gang? What else will be controversial between a club and the neighborhood it is in?

Opinions about clubs

How is the club's distinctiveness advertised to prospective club shoppers? How often do parents switch clubs? How often do they switch because they don't like the current raising practices? How often because of social shaming by other club members? How often because of a change in personal fortunes, such as a job change or some kind of partner change?

Opinions of other club members about what are good raising practices are going to be strong. Members will praise some and censure others. In addition to internal judgments, there will also be opinions of the club in the eyes of its neighbors. Censure of the club by its neighbors may cause the club to move. To avoid this can a club close itself off from the community and get convent-like? Pervasive surveillance may make this hard to accomplish. If the neighbors think it has become a cult, not a convent, they will intervene. The media will love stories about clubs that have been discovered to have become evil cults -- think of Jonestown as it was just before the massacre crisis hit. The Waco cult and its crisis is another example.

How to treat friends

How do boy/girl friends of adult members get treated? Are relatives treated differently than friends? I suspect being a relative will be less important in these times than it is currently.

Big issue: who is considered a moocher or molester? Are there other undesirable traits that clubs will try to keep out, such as being too party hearty, or too critical of club practices? Being accused of spying is likely to be a common accusation because it resonates with the betraying instinct. But, will the accusation have any real meaning in an environment so filled with pervasive surveillance? Who is this "spy" going to be reporting to?

Dealing with contemporary social issues

What will be the club's take on the hot social issues of the day. Taking a hot 2018 issue, the #MeToo style feminism issue: is the club going to be #MeToo Puritan or Hookup Culture tolerant? Will anyone be worrying about the Sacred Masculine as in, will there be clubs with a theme of strongly supporting male confidence?

Money and resources

What to spend club money/resources on? Example: Should a thriving or declining club move? What new equipment to add? What personnel/cyber muses to add? Will some clubs get country club-like with lots of support staff, and how much of that will be human?

Human versus cyber raising

How much of the raising will be done by cyber muses versus how much done by humans? This will be a much discussed issue and likely be one of the important distinctions between clubs.

If the population declining crisis gets strong -- as in, fewer and fewer people want to be involved with child creating and raising -- there will be growing numbers of clubs that are mostly cyber run with mostly cyber child raisers. How will graduates from these clubs be treated in the human communities? They are going to have a different outlook on both life and human-cyber relations.

Educating the kids

How will clubs and educational institutions interact? These kids will be going to school. What format will "school" take in this environment? Will it be a traditional walk to a school building located down the block, or something more up-to-date such as walk to a room in the club and watch lots of VR lessons there with cyber muse assistance?

Clubs and businesses

How will clubs and local businesses will interact?

These interactions can take on many forms, such as, is the club sponsored by a company? Is it composed of employees from a local office/facility, a "company club"? A different issue: Which local companies do business with the club? How do the promoted businesses interact with the club?

Club panics

What will panic club members? When they panic how will they blunder? Because the clubs are so varied in memberships the panic triggers will be quite varied as well. How will the cyber infrastructure interact with panics and blunders? What can they do to stop or mellow panics and reduce blunder damage?


Child raising in the 2050's is going to be dramatically different from child raising in the 2010's. There is going to be a huge social shift into raising kids in baby clubs.

The baby clubs are going to be quite diverse in their themes, and this diversity will be what differentiates who becomes members.

There will be lots of opinions swirling around baby clubs -- both inside the club, among prospective members, and in the neighbors outside who are watching what is happening in the club.

One of the hot issues will be how much cyber raising is done versus how much human raising is done. Where humans are scarce in wanting to take up this challenge, lots of cyber will fill in. How fit these mostly cyber raised kids will be as adult community members will cause lots of debate.



--The End--