Androgyny and Wearables

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright May 2017


One of the choices wearables will offer is not feeling sexy at all: androgyny. People can choose to adjust both: not being interested in the sex of other people, and not being interested in their own sexuality.

It has happened before

The historical antecedent for this is eunuchs. These are sexless males and they date back to the dawn of history. The big difference I see in the 2050's version is it is reversible (dial up and down this wearable choice) and it can happen in both sexes.

Many historical eunuchs suffered this fate as a form of shaming. They were castrated, enslaved, and forced into hard labor projects. A few became servants to high level royalty. A few of these high level servant types were chosen for their role in boyhood -- their role was to insulate the royalty from scheming servants and other people who had political or dynastic agendas. Also chosen in boyhood were choir singers who would then gain unnatural but interesting voices.

Another form of androgyny, a voluntary form, is being a cloistered priest or monk.

The 2050's version

None of the above will be the role for 2050's androgynous people. They will be sexless because they personally see lots of frustration with feeling sexual. Think of the frustration expressed in songs and stories about unrequited love.

What will this choice impact how a person lives?

The obvious first use is to avoid distraction and frustration. People can concentrate on what they consider the important issues in their lives. This will make them like the priests and monks who choose to live in monasteries and temples to avoid worldly distractions. But in the 2050's world a physical retreat will not be necessary -- dialing up a wearable choice can be sufficient.

What other lifestyle choices will be affected?

Androgyny could become a treatment for sex problems and a punishment for sex offenders.

Fashion choices will feel the effects of this. People dress for themselves and other people. If they aren't interested in looking attractive in a sexy way this will make big differences in what seems to be attractive clothing, and how often clothing needs to be updated to stay fashionable.

Socializing will change too. Singles bars will lose some patrons or add other themes. Raucous entertainment may diminish in attractiveness -- I'm thinking of frat parties and girls enjoying fainting at popular music concerts.

What are other surprise consequences? Example: How much does wanting to raise a child depend on sexuality? Will androgynous people want to do this just as much as sexuals? (palace eunuchs raised royal children) If they do, what will be the differences in their styles of child raising? Will they raise androgynous children who look upon sexuality as a distraction? Will they raise hypersexual children because they can't easily distinguish normal behavior from hyper sexuality?


Wearable-induced androgyny is likely to become a common lifestyle choice in the 2050's. The lifestyles it supports will be quite different from the historical eunuch and cloistered monk lifestyles that supported androgyny in the past. It will come about, and how it is practiced will be surprising compared to these historical antecedents.



--The End--