TES and Charity

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright June 2017


Supporting charity is sustained by instinctive thinking. This means -- even with the irony -- that it will grow in magnitude as the TES community grows in sustainability and prosperity. TES people are going to give to charities even though the TES state is providing all the basic necessities to all the people. The interesting challenge is forecasting what the charities of the 2050's are going to be like: how will they be promoted, who will do the promoting, and who will the donators think they are "saving" with the money they donate?

Top Forty charities

I envision a lot of "Top Forty" thinking going on here, which means the charity themes aren't going to change much from the 2010's even though the recipients' conditions do. There will still be lots of charities collecting money to give to poor children who live in distant lands, even though all those kids have their own smart phones. And there will still be beggars on street corners holding cardboard signs -- unless the driverless cars don't stop for them and there is no automated way to give handouts.

Again, the important thing to keep in mind is that charities will capture a lot of community attention and discretionary resources. Like entertaining and sports it will be something that captures a lot of dilettante attention and activity. This is going to be a dilettante activity that stays in the human community hands.



--The End--