Warfare in 2050's

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright May 2017


"We are well prepared to fight the last war. The next one will be full of surprises." -- a military truism


Warfare-style conflict is going to steadily get faster and more decisive. The shooting part will become drones versus robots with very little human interaction. The battles will take minutes to days, no longer than that. And the wars they are part of will take days to weeks, no longer than that. Finding peace after the shooting, however, can take much longer, as it has in the Middle East in the 2010's.

The humans, the "boots on the ground", will be there to deal with other humans, mostly the civilians that get swept up in the conflicts. If this style of soldier carries a gun it will mostly be to uphold tradition. So, the shooting part of the conflict in any particular geographic area will be over in minutes, and then comes the succoring the civilians part, and that will last a lot longer and get a lot more news media time.

The winners of the robots fighting phase will be out in the open doing their succoring. The losers will be hiding and sneaking around. They will be looking for terrorist-style opportunities. This will be a time and place of pervasive surveillance, so the sneaking and terrorizing will have to be done in ways even more clever than those used today.

How will human performance-enhancing mix in? Even enhanced humans are going to be slow and clumsy compared to purely robot fighting machines, so there won't be Captain America-style warriors during the conflict phase. Can Captain Americas be more effective in the succoring phase? If so, that is where they will thrive.



--The End--