Ambitious Class Mind-Tripping

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright June 2017


Part of the ambitious class lifestyle is seeking out new experiences -- experiences that will broaden a person's mind. Analytic education programs and real world changing work experiences will be the core of this. Other activities will help as well. How are vacations and seeking other kinds of new ultimate experiences going to mix in with wearables in the realm of mind-tripping?

The quandary

First, keep in mind that there will be a quandary: The ambitious will have their luxury money to spend on the latest and greatest in wearable mind-tripping technologies. In theory they can go more ga-ga than those who have only necessity money to spend.

But, these are also the people who are more grounded in reality and doing meaningful things with their lives. This being well grounded will be important to these people. The urban legends that are so comfortable for necessity types don't jibe well for those attempting real-world accomplishments.

So it will be just a few of the ambitious that get into extreme mind altering as a dilettante activity and try to excel at it. Most will be much more conservative than necessity folk about the mind tripping they engage in.

Mind tripping wearables

The simplest and most convenient way to do mind altering is at home with wearables and VR equipment. This will be the way most people, necessity and ambitious, do their mind altering.

Many will also go out to do mind altering in party hearty environments such as music concerts, frat parties and religious revivals. These will provide quite different experiences from the home-oriented experiences. And wearables will be adding to these experiences as well.

Mind tripping vacations

Some will want to get more exotic than home and local party experiences. Those that do will mix in vacations to have exotic experiences at exotic locales, also with the latest in mind-altering wearables. Vacationing to exotic places is an activity ambitious class people will continue to support as they do in the 2010's. Where they can, they will also support working in exotic locations and sending kids to learn in exotic locations. Necessity folk will do most of their vacationing at familiar locations, and they will include wearables in the experience.

Vacationing in exotic places, in particular vacationing in exotic places to gain new experiences, can be hazardous. As an example of this going real bad I'm thinking of the folk that died in 2009 while partaking in an extreme sweat lodge experience in Sedona, AZ. The participants were ambitious folk attempting a mind altering experience beyond the usual. It had worked well before for previous participants, but this time it was an experience that went real bad for several of the participants. They died. Another curiosity is that as they died in the sweat lodge the other folk around them who were also participating were not too upset at the time. One of them said, "They have moved into that new realm they were trying to reach." (I paraphrase) The upset feelings came some time after the session ended and it became clear they weren't coming back.


Mind tripping in the 2050's is going to take place in lots of different ways. The most common way is going to be mixing wearables and VR while in the comfort of home. The next most common is to go out and do the mixing at a party of some sort so that many other people are involved in the experience as well. Mixing in vacations with travel to familiar and exotic locations will also be ways of enjoying mind tripping.

All-in-all, mind tripping is going to be a common and fun experience and enjoyed in many different ways, but it will be experienced differently depending on how ambitious a person is and what kind of lifestyle they are enjoying. The more their lifestyle depends on being well grounded in what happens in the real world, the more conservative their mind tripping will be.



--The End--