by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright September 2017


Cosplay has been around a while, but has been a small niche in human activity. It is one that is going to grow in number of enthusiasts and in the elaborateness of their dress and activities.


Cosplay has been around a while, but not called that. My first encounter with it was in the 1960's when I saw motorcycle gangs driving up and down the streets. Their cycles and dress style were a cosplay of that era.

What has happened in the 2010's is that fantasy-based cosplay has begun displacing some other traditional gathering rituals. The comic cons of the 2010's are displacing the county fairs of the 20th century as places for people to gather, greet and show off their serious hobby-style accomplishments. Fantasy is replacing farm as the culture center for these ritual displays. (The motorcycle guys remain niche players, but boy, they sure spend some serious money showing off in that niche!)

What's coming

As people have more discretionary time cosplay will become more popular and the rituals surrounding it more elaborate. The big issue surrounding it will become how much resource besides time people will have to devote to it? The ambitious folk will have luxury money to devote to creating costumes and props. What will necessity folk have? Not nearly as much. In response, this may become a protesting issue -- people will protest over their right to have resource to devote to cosplay.

How will technology mix in? How much will cosplay evolve into an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) thing rather than something with physical costumes? This may become something purists argue about.


Because people are going to have a lot more discretionary time on their hands cosplay will be a lot more popular in the 2050's. It will be a lot more elaborate too, both in the props and the rituals it sustains. How much of that elaborateness will be AR/VR based is hard to forecast.



--The End--