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Pressure Point

by Roger Bourke White Jr., started Feb 2007


What happens when space explorers find something incredibly new, and incredibly valueable to mankind? Not valuable in some namby-pamby, "Oh this will help humanity so much!"-way, but valuable in the, "I'm willing to pay a King's Ransom for that!"-way.

Read on and find out about Rubyzin....
Characters Useful facts for this story
  • Frank Manly -- pilot, narrator
  • John Korliss -- propulsion engineer
  • Jack Cracker -- navigator/"weather" expert
  • Ned Hansley -- science officer
  • Jason Fillhorn -- the team member who stayed on Titan
  • Dr. Langhorn and Jabe Kalanov -- Investors on Titan
  • 8 AU is about 1 light-hour
  • Saturn's orbit (Titan) 10AU
  • Neptune's orbit 30AU
  • at the time of this story there are human colonies of a hundred thousand or more on Moon, Mars, Mercury and Titan
  • mankind travels through space using constant acceleration propulsion, and does not have FTL capability
  • about a hundred years ealier, a large remnant of an alien civilization (The HX) was discovered in the solar system: The Honeycomb Comet