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Rojero de Blanco's Daydream Section

"Welcome, youngin, and come set for a while."

"You're here for some story telling from ole Rojero, right?"

"Well... best you keep in mind that these are an old man's fantasy stories, and I like a story where a boy meets a girl, catches her and ties her up, and by the end of the story she's happy it happened... usually, real happy."

"If you've got a problem with this kind of story, then I suggest you move on... and stay the hell off my lawn!"

The Accident The Accident -- "Whoops! My dad will kill me if he finds out about this accident. Isn't there something we can do?.." she asks the tall, dark stranger in the other car. Camp Kidnap Camp Kidnap -- How I want to colonize a new planet.
Community Service -- These war-protesting ladies get an unusual sentence, and learn a new way to serve their community. I conquer the Magnificent Seven -- not the samurais, silly!
Climbing Mount Olympus -- Meeting some new women in an, "Oh, so special way." Office of Love Saving Hanna Hardass -- Super heroes and hillbillies. This is something else!
Mr. Thorne's Harems -- A lovestyle for modern times The Pedestal -- This pedestal holds an object of beauty... yes, indeed!
Free Thinker Pains -- Free thinkers can be such a pain in the... something! A Night with Ole Emo -- Who wants to face the ghost in the haunted house?
Walk the Walk -- Four lovely ladies get to strut their stuff Alien Girlfriend -- Alien abduction with a light hearted twist
Identity Theft -- Getting a date with seven beautiful women at the same time. Lessons Learned -- Three girls get captured by a mysterious man who leads them into a totally different life experience, and in the end they love it.
Lockdown!, Yeah!, Lock down my Heart! -- What happens when a school lockdown goes as planned, but not as planned by the school authorities?    
Losing Mr. Right -- the story of a perfect, but not endless, romance.    
Mission Improbable -- What happens to you if your daddy is James Bond?