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Tales of Technofiction Non-Fiction
2009 - 2013

as told by Roger Bourke White Jr.

These are Roger's musings about the science behind his Technofiction stories.

Technofiction nonfiction Essays

Tattoos and T-shirts updated -- what are new places to apply this neat idea? (Oct 13)

Thoughts on Moving Human Consciousness into Cyber Space -- this dream is going to spawn some world shaking stuff, but not the dream itself (Jun 13)

Science versus Holy Texts -- Thoughts on the difference between using the Bible as authority for describing how the world works and using direct observation as authority for describing how the real world works (Apr 13)

Essays about the "Post Snap" (Post-Singularity) Environment -- if robots are doing 90% of the making and servicing, what will people do? (Oct 12)

Thoughts on Cyber Muses -- learn about Taj Mahal Girls (Sep 12)

Dark Matter's Really Big Mystery -- mind-boggling! (Jul 12)

Thoughts on Expertise -- What is at the heart of expertise? (Dec 11)

Thoughts on Mortality -- Why do we grow old and die? For good reason! (May 10)

Story lines and English -- which changes more over time? (Oct 09)

I've got the Living Transporter Blues! -- Do you want to be first? (Oct 09)