Visions of our "Post Snap" Future

What Roger sees coming

Welcome to speculations on the Post Snap World.
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Table: Post-Snap Activity Matrix


Categories and Stories

Some basics about living in the Post-Snap World

Post Snap living

Defining Human

What people will be thinking about

The Communications Web

Showing Abstraction versus Showing Reality

What happens when the "Total Entitlement State" becomes reality?

Cyber-Human relations

Cyber Overlords? No, reality show for cybers!

Designer Recessions

The Gods are Angry

Thoughts on Cyber Muses

What will most folks do?

What most will folks do

Keeping Enfranchised without jobs

Applying instinctive thinking

Ambition: Grabbing power the Post Snap way

The Veil Piercers: Dealing with Harsh Reality and Cyber Reality

Child raising



Transporation systems

Thoughts on Driverless Cars

Other transporation systems

Space travel

Enfranchisement issues

Thoughts on money

Distributing Wealth

Thoughts on Mind Altering

3rd Wave Industrial Revolution Concepts

Crime and Punishment

What people will worry about

What will people care about Post Snap?

Fashion in the Future

How are organizations going to change? Dealing with Encrustment

Conflict and Violence*

Neat inventions and abuses

Neat inventions and abuses (just a beginning)

Going Cyber

No category yet


Exploring the Unknown