2014-18 Technofiction non-fiction stories

These are essays directly exploring the ramifications of upcoming technologies and the social changes that will come with them.

Science insight essays

What was the first life chemistry? -- Life chemistry is complicated, what was the simpler beginning? (Dec 18) Science Mystery: Where did the spin go? -- Where did all the Solar System's angular momentum go? (Dec 17)
Thoughts on Exploiting the Solar System -- what it's going to take and what will change when it happens (Nov 18) Reaching the edges of the Knowledge Wilderness -- how much more can we learn? (Oct 17)
What's coming after the 2050's? -- Surprise! Technological and social change is going to stop (Apr 18) In Praise of Strong Language Skill -- why we have our big brain (Jun 17)
Science Mystery: Why Is Animal Size So Constant? -- Why are organisms so consistent in size? (Mar 18) Roger's Answer to Fermi's Question -- Thoughts on the Fermi Paradox (July 15)


Forecasting essays

These are essays about how things will be thirty years from now, when cyber has taken over most manufacturing and service jobs, and humans have to find other kinds of activities to fill their lives.
This is the Time of TES (Total Entitlement State).

Visions of 2051
(now part of my Visions of 2051 book)

Wearables and Flying (June 16) Mixing Wearables and Surveillance (Jul 16)  
Electioneering in VR (May 16) Wearables and Romance (Mar 16) Wearables (May 16)
Visible Personal Sacrifice (VPS) (Feb 16) Surprise in 2050 (Feb 16) Education (Feb 16)
regulating and ambition zones (Feb 16) rites of passage (Feb 16) social classes (Feb 16)
home owning (Feb 16) migration (Feb 16) law and order (Feb 16)
daily life (lots covered) (Feb 16) food (Feb 16) health care (Feb 16)

Visions of 2050
(now part of my Visions of 2050 book)

Driverless Cars (Jul 14) Mixing Implants and the Communications Web (Jul 14) How Money will change (Jul 14)
Cyber Muses (Jul 14) Mind Altering (Jul 14)