Evolution is very practical

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright February 2020


Evolution is very practical. It is not based on theories or opinions, it is based solely on hard evidence. That hard evidence is which organisms survive and produce progeny that survive -- something I call The Grandchild Test, as in, if you have lots of grandchildren who have lots of grandchildren you're a winner.

In the same vein there is nothing directed or organized about those mutations that change DNA, they occur randomly as well. Almost all don't work well, but given trillions of tries over billions of years, interesting results can emerge. The diversity of life on Earth today is an example of that. (here is an example of a surprise adaptation in humans)

In sum, evolution is an intensely practical process. It is all about conducting experiments -- living organisms -- and keeping instantaneous track of the results -- The Grandchild Test.



--The End--