2019 Technofiction non-fiction stories

These are essays directly exploring the ramifications of upcoming technologies and the social changes that will come with them.

Science insight essays

Evolution is intensely practical, but it still surprises (Jun 21)

AI's inherent big challenge: Dealing with surprises (Apr 21)

Thoughts on alien invasion in our real world (Mar 21)

Thoughts on interplanetary and interstellar commerce (Oct 20)

Thoughts on why we have male and female (Aug 20)

Thoughts on how much data is in a cell's DNA (Mar 20)

Evolution is very practical (Feb 20)

Why do human women have monthly periods? (Sep 19)

Why We See Beauty -- it started as something practical (Mar 19)

Who is winning, plants or animals? (Feb 19)

How much physical diversity can a species support? (Jan 19)


Forecasting essays

What is Singularity AI going to be like? (Apr 19)