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Visions of 2050

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 2015


Welcome to Visions of 2050. This book is my speculations on what life (human life) will be like thirty five years from now, when "cyber" is both self-aware and in full control of "Big Business" -- the large scale manufacturing, service and transportation operations that are currently becoming more and more automated. In this book the automation in these areas will be completed.

The result is a whole lot of fascinating changes in how humans live, and what they think about. For instance, with cyber handling most manufacturing and service jobs, humans are going to have to find other things to do to "get a job" and feel like they are fully part of their community. What will they be doing? What will be the important things in their lives -- the things they think about a lot?


Table of Contents (Future Vision Essays and SF stories)


Outline and Definitions

-Story: The beginning -- self-aware cyber is first created

Vision: Total Entitlement State (TES) 1 -- part one: the economics

Vision: Total Entitlement State (TES) 2 -- part two: what it feels like

Vision: Allocating wealth -- "necessity" wealth and "luxury" wealth

-Story: I am a rock -- Simon gets meaning in his life

Vision: Educating systems in 2050 -- just as much change here as in Big Business industries

-Story: School daze -- Troy has a good day at school

Vision: Human cities and cyber cities -- they will be quite different

Vision: Man and cyber -- how the two will relate

-Story: Finding God -- lots of choices when we have cyber gods

-Story: Superspy weekend -- the adventures of Tom Sottom and Mary Mayking

Vision: Cyber muses -- cybers designed to stroke human emotions

-Story: Looking for Miss Right -- Party Hearty Bob is looking for his girl

Vision: Cyber gods -- will the cyber gods be angry?

-Story: Hard times -- experiencing a Designer Recession

Vision: Surveillance in the land of drones and wearables -- fast feedback is the big benefit, privacy must compete with that

Vision: Top 40 jobs -- if work is about being passionate... Top 40 Jobs!

-Story: First Responder Blues --

Vision: Child raising in 2050 -- plenty of choices, but not enough kids

Vision: The role of violence -- still around, but in different forms

Vision: Mind altering -- lots of new ways, and still a white-hot topic

Vision: News broadcasting -- lots of emotion, little business

-Story: Wilderness 2050 -- reporting the adventure of exploring a pristine wilderness

Vision: Putting human consciousness in cyber space -- not easy to do!

-Story: Youth wasted on the young... Hah! -- human consciousness transfer

-Story: The first starship -- how interstellar aliens coming to trade will change our world



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