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Handy Links

Fun song videos

Mule Skinner Blues . Tie me Kangaroo down . My Maria . When I'm Sixty Four . England Swings


For an interesting site on ESL, try Dave's ESL cafe

For pronounciation exercises, try Roger's Annotated Tongue Twisters

For collections of American jokes, try the following: Why did the chicken cross the road? jokes

Here are short, but interesting, videos, presented courtesy of Altair Kaminski: 500,000 volts video, Bear video,

... and a fun video about tongue twisters courtesy of Mike Eckel tongue twister video

A science video about odd orbits for planets.

The Elevator Basketball video

The Elevator Basketball video is the demonstration of an interesting phenominon in perception. It is presented by the University of Illinois Visual Cognition Center. In this video there are two teams of three people each -- a white shirt team and a black shirt team -- playing basketball in front of some elevators. When you watch this video for the first time, count the number of times the white team passes their basketball from one player to another.

The Elevator Basketball video

Now, watch the video again, and see if you notice anything unusual in the video. (About half the people who watch the video don't catch the unusual thing the first time they watch it.)