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Welcome to the Michigan Language Academy


Harry Potter comes to MLA

On July 21st, using books hot out of the Harry Potter box that said, "Do not open until July 21st", MLA started a Harry Potter reading class.


Teachers and staff welcome you to the MLA web site

The Michigan Language Academy (MLA) is a language specialty school dedicated to helping Koreans living in the Yeong Tong-dong area improve their English conversation, reading and writing skills.

If you are planning a trip overseas for work or study, and you would like to improve your English before you travel, try one of MLA's conversation, reading or writing classes. If you are preparing for a TOEFL/TOEIC, SSAT or New SAT exam, try one of MLA's courses specializing in exam taking.

If you have a special need in English, check with the MLA staff. MLA teachers are well versed in a wide variety of English topics.

What courses does MLA offer?

Michigan Language Academy (MLA) offers a wide variety of courses. Classes are taught in the morning, afternoon and evening. Check here for a list of current class offerings. Some classes are taught three days a week, either on a MWF or a TTS schedule, others are taught from Monday through Friday.

Students learning the excitment of English

MLA also has special events happen from time-to-time, and, if you want to see what MLA students have been up to, check out the Student Activities section.

MLA Basics

Director Tok-han Kim founded Michigan Language Academy (MLA) in 2003. (He is also the founder of the former Joong Ang Foreign Language Institute, which was until 2003 the oldest foreign language school in Suwon.) There are five to ten American teachers on the staff at any one time.

The school teaches general English Conversation for those who will be traveling, and preparation for English language tests, such as TOEFL/TOEIC, SSAT and New SAT, for those who will be going to the US for study. Students are Koreans from elementary school age through adulthood who live in the Yeong Tong-dong area. Most classes are conducted in MLA classrooms, which are in a new building with all the modern conveniences. A few classes are conducted "on site" at other locations.

English Teachers at MLA

Director Tok Han Kim with Senior Teacher Roger White in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The MLA teaching staff is a mix of bi-lingual Korean and native English-speaking Americans. Korean teachers handle the courses dealing with TOEFL/TOEIC while the North American teachers handle conversation, reading and writing.

MLA teachers are well-qualified to teach: all have a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree as a minimum requirement, and many have advanced degrees and ESL training as well.

Michigan Language Academy Mission Statement

To provide students in the Yeong Tong-dong area with high quality English language education in a friendly and interesting atmosphere.

Who to Contact

If you are interested in attending classes at Michigan Language Academy, here is who to contact:

If you want to find out more about working for MLA, follow this link.

MLA also has links to other interesting sites. Follow this link to find them.