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Student Area

What have MLA students been up to?

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MLA students have been busy little bees. Here are some of the things they've been involved in:

Harry Potter comes to MLA

On July 21st, using books hot out of the Harry Potter box that said, "Do not open until July 21st", MLA started a Harry Potter reading class.

A big, black, tennis racket, right?

Renna makes her best guess about what she's found.

Almost right

She has found Roger's banjo case, and here Roger and one of his afternoon classes are giving the banjo a workout.

It's all in the hands

After playing the banjo, Susie compares hand sizes with Roger. Maybe hand size explains why strumming the banjo looks so easy for Roger.

If not banjo, how about Kong-gi

Bella shows us how to play Kong-gi -- Korean Jacks.


World Builders

This Saturday class at MLA is working on story telling, and part of story telling is building a world for the story characters to move through. So says Roger.


High technology comes to English learning

More and more students are using laptop computers, pocket computers and cell phones to help them communicate. These are good tools for getting immersed in English.




If you are interested in participating in some Michigan Language Academy activities, contact one of the staff at Michigan Language Academy.