Michigan Language Academy, Yeong Tong-dong, Suwon, Korea

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Teacher Profiles

The Michigan Language Academy teachers are selected for their strong teaching skills and professionalism. They are well-versed in English conversation and writing.

Teachers at Michigan Language Academy

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Frank Adams

John Conway

Brian Dixon

John Harrison

Andrew Kim

George Santana

Terry Saed

Roger White

Amanda Szempruch

Heather Harkness

Jerry Buckner

Robyn Buckner

Matthew Harris

Micheal Linberg

Ronald Romanis

Tess Kim

Thomas Raudenbush

Terry Rollins

Warren Harshbarger

Walter Hendler

Yeondo Durst





Michigan Language Academy Teacher Mission Statement

  • To teach English classes in a professional and caring manner
  • To reflect well upon yourself, MLA and your country while you are living in Korea
  • To enjoy your stay in Korea.

Teacher outings at Michigan Language Academy

The teachers at MLA not only teach, they learn about Korea as well. Here are pictures from some of the outings they have been on.

Northern Kyonngi province tour In June Roger White went on a tour of northern Kyonggi province and Panmunjom.
Roger saw these scarey guys as part of a tour of northern Kyonngi province. They are part of a display of where North Korean infiltrators snuck across the DMZ. These infiltrators then headed for Seoul in an attempt to assassinate the general that was then ruling South Korea. They got to within 2 KM of the "Blue House" before they were discovered.
The tour guide explains the weakness in the old fence design: it was easy to cut it, sneak through, and then repair it again so that it looked undisturbed.
Roger checks out the new fence design. This is much tougher. It is even bolt-cutter proof.
The highlight of the tour was visiting the Peace Talks room in the JSA (Panmunjom). Here Roger is standing on the North Korean side of the table, so technically he's in North Korea.
Standing in North Korea is one highlight of a Panmunjom tour. The other is seeing a North Korean soldier. Spotting North Korean soldiers is like bird-watching -- sometimes you see some, and sometimes you don't. Roger got lucky on this trip.


Independance Hall, Chonan In May 2004, the teachers ventured by inter-city bus to Chonan, and from there to Independance Hall.

The long walk

Thomas, Jerry and guest Sheriza begin their walk to the main buildings of Indepedance Hall. There was a light drizzle that day.

The centerpiece statue at Independance Hall.
It was Saturday morning, but there were still loads of kids visiting the Hall. These are school children from Jeju-do, and we also met school children from Ulsan.

Teacher's Day

In addition to Children's Day and Parent's Day, the month of May also had Teacher's Day.



Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul Grand Park) In April 2004 the teachers visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul Grand Park

Walter and the Moaning Man

Walter got fascinated with this "moaning man" in the sculpture garden surrounding the museum. The statue's jaw moves, and it makes moaning sounds.

Push... Push... Push

One of the most popular sculptures in the garden is this globe with men pushing. Walter and Megan do their part, too.

Korean Folk Village In April 2004 the teachers visited Korean Folk Village
The teachers take an outing to Korean Folk Village. Thomas tries on some traditional wedding clothing with this lady's help.
Tess finds a rather realistic wood snake in the souvenir shop.