In Memorium

Three Whites
Roger with his two sons, Toby and Roger Jr., 2000

Roger Bourke White

by Roger Bourke White Jr., July 2002


This is a site dedicated to my father, Roger Bourke White. He lived a long and fruitful life, and throughout that long and fruitful life, he had a chance to work with and benefit many people. This site is a place for all of us who knew Roger to gather some of our memories of him.


Writings about Roger

Obituary 26 years together (by Bonnie) Roger's Autobiography


Memorial Services

Memorial services for Roger where held September 14th, 2002 in Shaker Hts.
Bonnie's gift to the men of the family: Roger's Bola collection.
Roger Jr., Chris, Roger III, Bob Dawson, Toby White, Jeff , Don , Ken, and Richard Crislip.

Roger's family gathers for the memorial service.
Alan and Altair Kaminski, Roger Jr., Linda Crislip, Sue White, Bonnie White, Pam Dawson, Bob Dawson, Jason and Adrienne Neil, Roger III, and Heather White.
Bonnie with Kay Fuller, a long time friend of Roger's.
His body has returned to the Earth, but his good works and his inspriation survive him.


Family Pictures

This is a picture of Roger with Bonnie, Roger Jr., Sue, and Roger's grandchildren on the Roger Jr. side: Adrienne, Heather, Altair and Roger III. This was taken in 2000 in Greeley. (The car is a neat Dodge Viper, but doesn't belong to any of us.)
This is Roger with Bonnie, Toby, Roger Jr., Robin, and his grandchildren on the Toby side: Chris and Courtney. (2001)
Roger with Bill Millian and Charley mulling over a Robot Dog puzzle in Phoenix (1998).
Roger had orange and grapefruit trees in his yard in Phoenix. (1997)
He also had a lot of cactus nearby. Here he is walking Lady.