Roger's Photos of Japan in 1994

photos by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 1994


Neat looking wall in Nara, Japan

Arriving in Japan

This was a vacation from teaching English in Korea. I wanted to see historical Japan rather than cosmopolitan Tokyo. Nara, near Kyoto, was recommended to me.

What you see here are the results of that recommendation.

Coming in to the airport at Kyoto.


What I saw on the way in.




Sights in Kyoto

This was my first encounter with wax food displays. It sure look real to me!

And below is some kind of big wagon that was in a Kyoto shopping mall.


Where I stayed



This is where I stayed in Nara. I found the settings consistently lovely, but all were designed for under six-foot people.

This was a difference between Japan and Korea. In Korea the American soldiers stayed around long enough that Korean building and car designers could believe there really were lots of six feet tall people. For Japan designers such people lived in some other world.

Peaceful scenes in Nara

There were a lot of places that just looked nice in the Nara area. Here are a few.




One of the things that makes Nara special are the tame deer.


They pretty much have the run of some temples.




Lots more interesting scenery in Nara.