Roger's Photos around Suwon

photos by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 1994

Suwon was famous for its city walls.

They were some of the last built, but for that reason they went up fast and looked real good when they were finished, so they became historic.

Namoon gate is part of the wall system. This was taken at night during an annual lantern parade.


Mixing Korea and Australia. The lady was a student of mine in Korea. The hat comes from Australia. The dangling corks are designed to fend off pesky flies.

A protest on Namoon Square. This is right in front of the school. On the gate itself are police, making sure things stay orderly.

A more usual crowd. This is people getting on and off the subway headed for Seoul.

One of the picturesque parts of the famous city walls. This is the bridge over the river that runs through Suwon.



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