Roger's Photos of Utah in 1994

photos by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 1994

Utah is dense-pack with landscape variety.

I love it.

Where does this road go?

It is the Old Pony Express Trail in Western Utah south of the Great Salt Lake mud flats that I-80 crosses.

One day, Marty and I decided to explore it. We are on a "Guns and Photos" tour -- our name for our exploring trips of this era. We picked the name to sound like the hot rock band of that era: Guns and Roses.

One place the Old Pony Express Trail goes is by Simpson Springs. This part follows the route which goes through remote desert country in west-central Utah. This is shot at dawn. The lights in the distance are Dugway, a truly remote military research base where I was stationed for a year.


On the other extreme, vegetation-wise, we have The Alpine Loop. This scenic road starts in Utah Valley and circles around Mount Timpanogos. This is one of numerous aspen groves the road winds through.

These aspen groves inspire fantasy stories in me.


Switch locations again.

This is Delicate Arch in central eastern Utah, shot by pure moon-and-starlight, no flash or flashlights.

This is a long hike to get to. It is not bad by moonlight, but one time Marty and I came here to witness a lunar eclipse. Hauling equipment by just starlight got exciting.