Roger's Photos of Korea in 1996

photos by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright 1996

Students at JAFLI

Mixing Korea and Australia. This was a hat I brought back from my stay in Australia.


Students from a women's teacher college.


In the classroom at JAFLI.


On a hill overlooking Suwon


In Paldal Park, nearby the school.


Horsing around between classes.


On site teaching.


On site teaching at Police University.



Here I am in North Korea! Well... three feet into North Korea. This is the negotiating room on the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). The soldier next to me is standing on the dotted line that is the border.

Here is our tour guide explaining what we are looking at.

Here is a rice farm a long way south from the border. I'm visiting this farm with two friends, Martin Kim and MD Kim.

A neat sculpture at the art museum near Everland.

another neat sculpture.

Taejon Expo revisited. On my first visit, years earlier, this boulder was being floated up a fraction of an inch by a stream of high pressure water. It would spin this way and that. Alas, on this visit the water was turned off. With me is Christie Ott, another teacher.

Back in Seoul, a neat statue.

With me, too.

And some more neat statuary. This time at provincial legislature building in Suwon.

This one is in Suwon as well, taken by a mix of moonlight and street light.

Fun stuff at this park.