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Roger Bourke White Jr.

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  • Well degreed: BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT, MBA from U of Phoenix, CELTA from Elite Training, Bangkok
  • Experienced: Fifteen years of ESL teaching since 1993, older elementary through adult
  • Reliable and popular: Invited to return to the same school five times
  • Wide-ranging real world experience: writer, technical trainer, businessman and rocket scientist as well as ESL teacher


If you're looking for an English teacher who understands business, technology and science, as well as the teaching of reading, writing and conversation, we should talk.


I spent fifteen years working as a high technology professional before teaching ESL to students in Korea, and now overseas executives who come visiting the US.


I enjoy ESL teaching, and the learning of new cultures. And I find that my students really appreciate my personal experience with using much of the business and technical jargon they face in their English studies. I understand what it means, where it comes from, and who is likely to use it in a conversation. I have also developed courses to help students cope with situations mixing new technology and English, such as: Dealing with Voice Mail. I have taught older elementary and middle school students as well, and they too love hearing about what happens outside a classroom.

I enjoy chronicling why events happen and investigating the forces behind them. I write continually about my travels and the forces behind many business, historic and scientific phenomena. (see my White World site) To see more about my ESL teaching in Korea, visit the web site of the school where I taught from 2002 to 2008, Michigan Language Academy.


Here is more information on my formal education, publications, professional experience, and certifications.


Here are letters of recommendations from CompUSA, Kyonggi Province and JAFLI.


References available on request