Roger Bourke White Jr.

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Roger has ten novels published, and three feature-length "spec" movie scripts developed from those:

What to look for when you are reading these: Roger's stories have a distinct tone. Roger is careful that his worlds are internally consisent, and that his characters don't act like fools in their worlds. This means his characters develop differently, they tend to be cooperative rather than confrontive. Watch for these traits, they make for interesting results!

Roger also has 14 other science fiction and fantasy short stories, 13 quirky romance short stories, and 8 science articles ready to go.

Roger has also converted all of these into movie scripts, as well.

Other Fun Facts about Roger


Roger is a careful observer of the human condition, technology and history, and this is what he writes about.

He paid his dues, but he paid them in interesting ways.

Roger's passion is internally consistent story telling. For example, he hates it when a man is all alone in the big city... and that city has not burned to the ground for lack of a fire department. He hates it when the insane diseased humans chasing him in said big city are alive, even though they haven't eaten for three years. Roger won't tolerate these kinds of mistakes in his stories.

The result of his passion is very different stories, but still very exciting because, most of all, Roger loves telling a good story.


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