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Indentifying when your organization is going to make a big mistake

Think of some really big "boo-boo's" made in the last ten years.

Two that come to my mind are:

These are examples of Blunders.

Now, the imporant question: could these blunders be predicted?

Roger thinks so, and, in fact, he predicted that both these actions would be huge, costly, mistakes as soon as he heard about them.

How did he predict these as blunders?

He looked at why the actions were taken, and it both cases he saw "Panic" as the motivation to take action. Indentifying when an organization is thinking in panic mode can say when an organization is ripe to make a blunder, and this is what Roger would like to pass on to you and your organization.

Roger has developed some theories on thinking that apply directly to crisis management. He has developed a thinking model he calls Panic Thinking and Blunder Response.

Roger can help you and your organization identify:

To see more about Panic Thinking and Blunder Responses, take a look at Roger's website on the subject: Cyreenik Says.

Cyreenik Says -- Cyreenik Says deals with a specific set of wackiness -- that caused by Panic Thinking and Blunder Response.

If you would like to hear what Roger has to say that will help you weather serious crisis in your organization, please contact him.

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