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Visions of 2051

Table of Contents

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright March 2018

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Technology Revolutions


The Evolution of Wearables

Gene Editing

Food Production

Electioneering in VR

Mixing Romance and Wearables

Us versus Them and wearables

Androgyny and Wearables

Warfare in the 2050's

Updating hardware and software


Social Revolutions


Three Kinds of Money

Robot Companions

The Challenge of Space Commerce

Wearables and personal performance

Immigration in the 2050's

The Shopping Experience

Social Shaming in TES

Dissent and Social Shaming

Education and Ambition

Self-abuse in the 2050's

Coming of Age

Baby Clubs

The Baby Club Lifestyle

Recreational Mind Altering

New Consciousness

Health Care

Gaming the system in the 2050's


How People Will Be Thinking


Thinking in TES worlds

The paycheck to paycheck lifestyle in TES

Leisure time in TES

Enfranchisement in TES

Social classes in TES

TES and Charity

Politicians in TES


The Paralympics crisis

Preppers in the 2050's

Ambitious class mind-tripping






Alien Girlfriend

Party Hearty or Study Hearty?

Jeanie the Gene Editor

Wise Old Man -- JC version

The Princess, The Fly, and City Hall

Hard Times 2

Baby Club

Megan's Party Time

He's the one?



--The End--

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