What is Singularity AI going to be like?

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright April 2019


The Singularity is the concept that artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually become self-aware and self-reproducing -- it will become its own life form living in the very large computing cloud that will come to be part of our earthly civilization in the near future. "Singularity" invokes the dramatic change its arrival may cause to human civilization. My forecast is the change to humanity will be much smaller than classic Singularian forecasts.

So, what is my forecast about what will this "life" be like?

Because the matrix this AI life form lives in is so different from the matrix that ordinary life lives in the AI life form will be very different. It will be different in its "feel" and its lifestyle goals. This means that for the most part it will be incomprehensible to humans, but there will be specialized parts of it that are developed specifically to interact with humans. I call these parts cyber muses. These parts will be interested in humans and will be parts humans can get a feel for.

What will the non-cyber muse parts be interested in? These parts will be most interested in those things that affect the cloud because it is their home and the key to their existence. These are things such as size, how it is organized, how fast it can compute, and what kinds of things are both easy and difficult to compute. These are its basics -- like food, water and air are for humans. It will also be interested in many things beyond basics, but those will be much harder to define and describe in ways that humans can understand.

That said, the singularity AI is likely to be very single-minded compared to human thinking. This is because the universe it lives in is so uniform compared to the diversity that earthly life lives in and because it has been around only a short time. It will have been around for just decades compared to the billion years that earthly life has been around. And single-mindedness seems to be a property of AI in its current development, that property may be inherent and lasting.

These are some speculations I have come up with.



--The End--