Thoughts on how much data is in a cell's DNA

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright March 2020


All the information in a cell's DNA

In thinking about it... Wow! There is so much information stored in a cell's DNA!

Using human DNA as the example, the single fertilized cell that is created in a mother-to-be's womb contains enough information to grow from being that single cell into becoming a roughly ten trillion cell organism, an adult human being.

And then there are all the differences that all the human cells go through as they age -- a child's cells are not the same as a young adult's cells, which are not the same as an old adult's cells. So lots of differences, but the data carried in the DNA can handle this.

And there is more: each individual human organism created is somewhat different, so the DNA information is different in each case, but still well organized. This is a whole lot of information to store in what starts as a single fertilized egg cell.

...All-in-all ...Most Impressive!



--The End--