Thoughts on alien invasion when only information moves between star systems

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright March 2021


My latest thinking is that only information will be moved between star systems by civilized beings. (see my interplanetary commerce piece) Moving material stuff is just too expensive. Given that premise, what will an alien invasion be like?

What moves?

What will physically move is a satellite filled with data.

When it arrives at the target system it will attempt to take over an information system in the new star system it reaches. This means that alien invasions will only happen at star systems that already have an advanced civilization inhabiting them.

When it succeeds it will then use this information system in the new star system to build a duplicate of its home civilization, including clones.

Who will want to do this?

It will be religious fanatics from the home system who vigorously want to spread the word about the religion they love.

In sum, alien invasions in our real world will be as strange as the aliens that attempt them.


--The End--