Visions of 2050


by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright November 2014


Welcome to Visions of 2050. This book is my speculations on what life will be like thirty five years from now, when "cyber" is both self-aware and in full control of "big business" -- the large scale manufacturing and service operations that are currently becoming more and more automated. What I envision in this book is the automation in these areas will be completed: self-aware cyber entities will be handling most of what humanity is consuming, such as large-scale material goods manufacturing, large-scale services, and most motorized transportation.

The result of this change is a whole lot of fascinating changes in how humans live, and what they think about. For instance, with cyber handling most manufacturing and service jobs, humans are going to have to find other things to do to "get a job" and feel like they are fully part of their community. And since they aren't going to have to learn how to do this manufacturing or servicing, what will they be doing instead? What will be different in what is taken for granted? What will be different in what are considered the important things in their lives -- the things they think about a lot?

A related change is the development of what I call "cyber muses". These are cyber entities designed specifically to interact with humans. These are the technological extension of things such as computer games, hospitality bots, robo callers, and smart advertising placers. The muse names comes because many will be designed to bring out the best in the humans they serve -- they will be inspirers -- but they will serve many other purposes as well. (Discovering these others is the fun part of exploring ramifications.)

In addition this book addresses the ramifications of the many other neat technology advances that are coming. Again, the ramifications means talking about how they will change how we live and think -- what will we think and worry about, and what will we take for granted? This is the main function of the stories that are part of this book -- they will explore human thinking.


--The End--