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Conclusion of Book One

The goal of this book is to move the discussion of evolution away from apes, men, and ancestors, into how to use it as a tool of prediction and to uncover a lot of the reasons for the human condition.

If the human organism is viewed as being highly adapted to living in the Stone Age village environment, not quite so good a fit for the Agricultural Age town, a moderately uncomfortable fit for the Industrial Age city, and performing even less well in the Information Age global village, then a lot of things about the human condition make more sense.

I believe that this book barely scratches the surface of what applying this concept, that evolution is about adapting, can reveal about us. I’m hoping that you, the reader, will have an “Ah hah!” experience, that you too can say, “Now I can understand what’s going on around me better.”

If that happens, this book is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.