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Blogs for Film Studies Class
SLCC summer 2013

This is a collection of essays written for my Film Studies and History classes at SLCC taken during the summer of 2013. The Film Studies essays cover a wide range of human thinking topics that have been addressed in various movies. The history essays are assignments and thoughts from that class.

o Test questions: Mid-term 1 -- Mid-term 2 -- Final 1 -- Final 2 (July 13)

o Thoughts on Transsexuality -- The origins of gender and beyond! (Aug 13)

o Arguing Pro and Con on the Iraq War -- Good idea? Bad idea? (July 13)

o The Strengths of Religion; The Strengths of Science -- Religulous (July 13)

o Thoughts on Prejudice -- American History X (Jun 13)

o Thoughts on conspiracy theories -- JFK (Jun 13)

And here are assignments and thoughts from my History class

o History final test -- The Civil War (July 13)

o Presentation on Korea -- How did it end up in such a curious condition: as two nations with very different lifestyles that are both very stable? (July 13)

o Thoughts on Learning History from Primary Source Documents -- It's the rage today, but it may not be such a good idea (July 13)

o Indian Removal: The Cherokee Trail of Tears -- in which I put my observations on the usefulness of reading primary documents (Jun 13)