by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright January 2017

Pick three topics

These are three topics I pick from Utah 2050 list:

Disaster resilience -- Automation handles routine well, not surprises. Disaster Resilience is an activity humans are going to stay deeply involved in even as automation spreads widely and deeply into manufacturing, service and transportation activities.

Jobs and Economy -- What are "real" jobs is going to keep changing in the face of increasing automation and artificial intelligence. Discovering and growing these new kinds of jobs -- jobs which enhance productivity and produce goods and services which are in high demand around the world -- is going to be a big and on-going challenge. Not being successful at this will transform Utah into yet another Detroit.

Recreation -- People of Utah and elsewhere are going to have more time for recreation and be increasingly prosperous. This means that Utah's recreational facilities of all sorts are going to steadily get visited and used even more heavily as time goes by. Just like roads and other infrastructure, the recreational infrastructure needs to grow and improve to meet this demand.

Here are my choices:

Wearables -- As we start developing 3rd generation wearables -- those that can control as well as measure human health parameters -- this is going to bring about a revolution in lifestyles. There will be lots of surprises. The ones I find most surprising and interesting are when wearable assist us in controlling emotions and doing mind altering of the getting drunk and high sort.

Cyber Muses -- AI is going to grow in diversity and sophistication. By 2050 some of it is going to be self-aware entities which live in cyber space. The change is going to continue to be exponential. This means that just a few years after the first self-aware cyber is created, much of what will be happening in self-aware cyber space will be beyond human awareness and comprehension. But one style of self-ware cyber will stay very much on human radar. The part humans will be aware of are those self-aware AI designed specifically to interact with humans and inspire them. I call these cyber muses.

Disaster Resilience -- As pointed out above, humans handle surprises better than automation does. This means that in the future Disaster Resilience is going to be part of the human Top 40 Job List, as I call it. It will be a job style that humans are passionate about and will stay relevant and meaningful even as automation becomes the core of many manufacturing, service and transportation activities. Humans involved in this will still be making a meaningful contribution to our prosperity.



Go to At the home page top select "PROJECTS" then select "YOUR UTAH, YOUR FUTURE". Explore this page, the "BUILD YOUR 2050 UTAH WEB APP" will list 11 topics or issues that have been identified as being critical to our future.
Explore and give consideration to each issue and decide which 3 issues you believe are the most critical to our future.
Are there any other issues that are not on the list you think should be? If so, list your idea as one of your 3 issues.



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