SESSION 9 - Homes and Personal Spaces in the future

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright March 2017


Briefly discuss the following:

Press this link and read about Utah's most energy efficient home. (

1. In your opinion, why haven't more homes been built like this?

More homes haven't been built like this because it is centered on just one goal: energy efficiency. Other goals can be things such as construction costs, esthetics, convenience, adaptability, harmony with surroundings and neighbors, and the ability to remodel in the future.
Further thought: if the primary goal is energy efficiency then building a multi-family structure would serve better, and likewise, building downhill in Salt Lake Valley would save a lot of commute gasoline.

2. Go to -> Issues: Housing and Cost of Living -> Tools: Housing and Opportunity

I went to the site but I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do there or take away from it.

3. What methods should we employ to encourage energy efficiency in new and remodeling construction?

The most effective way is to raise the costs of energy on a long term basis. This gives consumers and builders a powerful incentive to be inventive about dealing with energy efficiency issues. An example of this happening in the US in the past is the Oil Crisis of the mid-1970's. When that was in progress the American appetite for cars shifted to compact and economy cars. As the crisis receded into history, the appetite for pickups and SUV's revived.

4. What elements are important to you when you have been (or will be) involved in housing selections?

Convenience, economy and simplicity are items that are high on my agenda. I want to save time and money, and I want to avoid spending lots of my time on "hoop-jumping" through bureaucratic and regulatory procedures. Another issue is flexibility: can I easily change my mind about what I have invested in and remodel it or switch to something new?



--The End--