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Roger Bourke White Jr.


  • Well degreed: BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT, MBA in marketing from U of Phoenix
  • Well traveled: Worked in five countries, traveled in 20
  • Reliable and popular:Always invited to return for more.
  • Wide-ranging real world experience: high-tech industry creator, businessman, rocket scientist, teacher and much more
  • Prolific Author (See my books)

More than most people, I've "been there and done that." And, while I was doing it, I was watching and taking notes.

I was a soldier in Vietnam in the sixties, an engineering student at MIT in the seventies, a personal computer and Local Area Network (LAN) pioneer in the eighties, an ESL teacher in Korea in the nineties, and a science fiction writer in the 2000's.

I enjoy chronicling why events happen and investigating the forces behind them. I write continually about my travels, and the forces I see behind many business, historic and scientific phenomena.

The culmination of this is my White World site, and the many stories, articles and videos I have produced. Check these out to find out more about what I have learned in my journey through life, or contact me.

For a full resume, try here.