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In the years after the Altair Sphere exploitation began, humanity added stations at Sirius, Barnard’s, and Wolf 359 while maintaining and greatly expanding the one at Alpha Centauri, which was heading for self-sufficient colony status. HX tech also let us explore the Solar System itself more thoroughly, finding and exploiting new wonders, as we will see next.

These days, who doesn’t want some Rubyzin?


Book Four
Pressure Point

Involved in the Pink Passion Project

Khan Armanuly—pilot (our narrator)
Ignacio “Nacho” Hurtado—navigator & gas-giant atmosphere expert
Janos Bolyai—propulsion engineer
Floro Domicó—science officer
Kuarahy Javier—business manager (stayed on Titan)
Soudavanh Phoumsavanh, Ph.D.—a major investor
Jabe Kalanov—another major investor

Some Helpful Statistics

8 Astronomical Units (AU) = 1 light-hour
Earth orbits 1AU from Sol
Saturn orbits 10AU from Sol
Neptune orbits 30AU from Sol