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Interlude 2536

Four centuries after Bomorov’s first find, constant acceleration human starships traveled routinely among habitable stars within 10 LY or so of the Solar System. Human colonies were growing and thriving in these star systems, but the journeys still took years, so the relations were similar to those between Europe and China in the 1500s—still very distant.

As Earth’s multitudes continued to disperse, the Rubyzin depots and science research stations on most of the gas giants’ moons had also grown up to become, along with Titan, the Outer Colonies. After all, the human body likes gravity, and the moon colonies had more G than asteroids do. Nevertheless, even the G-poor Belt had become more thickly populated, without much changing the cantankerous Belter character.

Another sphere like that near Altair had been found, this one some 9 LY away more or less in the direction of Teegarden’s Star, at first dubbed the Teegarden Sphere and then predictably becoming the Tea Garden. Like the Altair Sphere, it was already being looted by multiple alien races.

After the humiliating Romeo-10 raid, humans steadily improved their weapons and ship technologies and their trading techniques. They were now major players, though still not top of the loot-chain, at both Spheres. And human scientists had confirmed that the Spheres were the dead bodies of moon-sized sentients, a race we naturally started calling the HX.

The three Solar System fragments had become obsolete as HX technology sources and were now administered as parks.

Book Six
The Second Siege of Titan

Several Humans, a Chemical, and a Technology Coping with the Great Gamma Blip and Its Aftermath

Giovanni (Joe) Bolognese—Earth boy (some years later, our narrator)
Benvenuto (Ben) Bolognese—Earth First party stalwart, MP in the European Regional Parliament, his father
Igraine Winthrop Bolognese—retired professional golfer, his mother
Sheriza (Sherry) Krazney—Titaner on Earth, his childhood sweetheart
Yanci Krazney—her brother, his best friend
Agostinho (Ago) Krazney—logistics officer for Titan Colony, their father
Grace O’Kelly Krazney—lawyer in private practice, their mother
The Acksheughs—rich family stranded in Palau
Pauline Hountondji—CEO, Titan Colony
Myfanwy Tudor, Dong-Mei Wagner, Tonoose Sawaya, Rajko Miladinov, Didier Nguesso, Evita Rankulche—undergraduate students at Hubble University, Mars
B. Lindsay Ingreta—Earth First journalogger
Solon Cyreenik—Earth First MP for South Asia in Earth’s Parliament
Modibo Touré—Hubble U professor, Sociology Department
Gheorghe Codrescu—Hubble U professor, History Department
Wilhemina Tell—freshly minted Doctor in Business Administration at Hubble U
Angelino Santos—staff psychologist, RightInTime®, Ltd.
Abdul Akbar Guebuza—staunch Earth Firster, President of Earth
Kansora—catalyst manufactured on Titan
Neutrino-jet (NJ)—widely applicable HX-derived propulsion system, very compact and clean, essentially squirting vast quantities of harmless neutrinos for reaction power.