Lessons Learned

by Rojero De Blanco, copyright July 2018


Three girls get captured by a mysterious man who leads them into a totally different life experience, and in the end they love it.


Chapter One

Wow! This was so not on my list of things that could happen!

It was Sunday morning and Angie, Judy and I were walking out of Harmon's. We just bought some drinks and snacks and were ready to head into the hills for a fun walk around Silver Lake up at Brighton. We are in the same class at Kimball high and we were dressed casually for our hike, in gear we wear for basketball practice -- short tops, short shorts and gym shoes. We are all slim and athletic looking. Angie is tall, Scandinavian descent with straight blond hair, I'm medium, British Isles with wavy brown hair, Judy is medium, Northeast Asian with long straight black hair.

As we left the store we were following some old guy who was headed out with a grocery cart, but he was having a hard time navigating it. It tips. We three look at each other and then come to his rescue. Helping him won't take long and we will have done our good deed for Sunday.

"My goodness! Thank you, ladies. My car is over there, just around the corner." He points to around the corner of the Harmon's building.

Being a Sunday morning, the parking lot is near empty. We carry his stuff around the corner to a white van.

We get the stuff around the corner and to the van which is parked near the building. It has a sliding side door. The man opens that and we put the stuff inside. There is no one around but us. But when mission is accomplished the man changes his attitude.

He has another, surprising, mission for us to accomplish.

"OK girls. I want the three of you to stand up against the wall. Face it, and spread your legs." He grabs me, "Do it like this." He presses me against the wall and pulls my arms up so I'm spread eagled and presses them against the wall. He puts a hand between my legs and wiggles it until I spread them apart like my arms. "This is 'the position'. Learn it."

He motions for Angie to get on one side of me and Judy on the other. Our hands are overlapping and our feet are touching. It is weird! It is strange! ...But what else are we going to do?

"Very good, girls! Now, when I touch your neck bring your arms behind your back." He touches mine. I do. He ties my wrists behind me! Whoa! So freaky! "Look up," he tells me, "and shut your eyes." When I do he tapes my mouth shut. No calling for help now. "OK, you can look down and stand up straight." he says. I stand up straight and open my eyes -- not much to see except I'm now this man's prisoner. He does Angie next, then Judy. We three are now bound and gagged!

"OK girls, come with me." I'm first in line. He leads me back to the van and has me sit in it. The side door is wide. Angie sits on one side of me and Judy on the other. The three of us are now facing the man, sitting in his van, with our wrists tied behind us and mouths gagged.

"This won't take long," he says, "and then you can be on your way."

He looks at us, inspecting us, and gets a very satisfied look on his face. "Yes" he mutters. He starts with me, he touches my hair, then touches my face, then slides his hands down to my neck. His touch is gentle and the motion is slow, it feels OK, no hurt, no rush. He nods affirmatively. He then touches Angie the same way, and then Judy. "Yes, you all will do nicely. This means I want to see you again." He gets his face close to my face. "Do you want to see me again?"

This is easy, I shake my head "No!" He smiles at that, moves to Angie and asks her, she shakes no, and so does Judy before he even moves to her.

"All right, I've got some time." he pauses, then says, "Think about my offer, think about your situation." He stands off a couple steps, gets out his phone and gets busy on that.

I think... not too long. OK, this isn't going to change unless I change my answer. I look at Angie, I look at Judy, they nod, they understand too.

"Ummph!" I say. The man looks up. I nod. He comes over. He gets ready to take the tape off. Before he does he says, "Promise that you will learn to be my girl."

I nod. He takes the tape off. I think about five seconds before I say, "I promise I'll be your girl."

"You'll learn to be my girl." he corrects, "This will take some time, and lots of learning." He waits.

I relent, what else am I going to do? "I promise I will learn to be your girl."

"Excellent." He takes off the bonds holding my wrists, but before he does he puts a black fabric choker around my neck that has a medallion the size of a quarter on the front. "This is to remind you of the promise you have made. It will also let you call me. Press the medallion." I start to get up. "Wait for your friends." he says.

Angie makes her promise and Judy makes her's. We are all untied, we all have chokers. "You girls can leave now. Call me when you want to get together and learn more."

He pauses us for a moment, "One more thing: The medallion is also to remind you that this is something between just us four. Don't be talking to other people about this."

We run off to our car. This was a strange encounter indeed for an otherwise typical Sunday morning!

Chapter Two

We are in our car headed to Brighton. We are on the road in the mountain pass before we start talking again. Angie is driving, Judy has been looking back every couple minutes to see if that creep is following us. He isn't. We've been trying to take off the chokers. We can't.

"That was freaky. What happens now?" I say.

Angie shrugs, "We carry on." she looks around, "I'm doing my best to forget this."

"I'm going to report him." says Judy.

"Don't bother." says Angie, "We'll just get into a lot of cheap talk and hoop-jumping. What evidence do we have?"

"We've got these chokers." I say. I try to get mine off again. "Have we got some scissors or a knife somewhere?"

"That fabric has some metal woven in. I don't think it will cut easily." Judy says.

"Ah well..." I say, then change the topic. Forgetting is quicker if we talk about something else.

We go on our hike and it is fun and enjoyable and we have a hiking-style surprise. We saw a moose! It was way off in the distance. We head home and have no new surprises like the Harmon's one.

Chapter Three

It's Wednesday. I'm trying to forget this Harmon's business, but the choker keeps reminding me. At first it was just having it on. But today as I was walking between classes it actually got active. It was tapping my neck, reminding me that at some point I should press it and have the creep call me.

At lunch the three of us get together.

"Mine too." says Judy, Angie nods.

"Well..." say I, "When do we do it?"

"After athletics." says Angie. We agree to that.

We get in our basketball session, shower down after, and meet next to the basketball court. We are all alone there. We all press our medallions. A minute later I get a call.

"We are ready." I say.

"We can meet at the Harmon's. This next lesson will take an hour. You pick a time. All three coming?"

I look at the girls. They nod. "What time?" I whisper to them. They shrug, "In an hour?" says Judy, Angie nods. "In an hour." I say to the man.

"That works. See you at Harmon's in an hour." he hangs up.

We drive to where the van was. It's a little busier, but this is still a quiet spot. His van drives up. He comes out, opens the door and says, "Hop in the back." We do. "Put on those sleep masks. You don't get to see where we are going." We do. We feel him drive off.

He doesn't go far, a few blocks. He goes into a garage, I can hear that. He stops the van and opens the door. "Time for some hands tied again. Hop out one at a time and I will tie you up." We do. He takes off the sleep masks. "OK, lets go in and get comfortable." This is a house's garage, we go into the basement of the house. We go in a furnished room. There are lamps, there is a carpet on the floor, a table with chairs in the center, a whiteboard next to the table, and a massage table next to the far wall.

He leads us over to the massage table, "Up you go." he says. We hop up on the table sitting side-by-side.

"This is our first lesson. I'm going to tell you what our relation is now, and what I expect from you. Then you can ask questions. But before we start there is another activity you need to learn, like assuming the position. This one is walking the walk."

He looks at the three of us, then says to me, "You first." He pulls me up to standing and points at the wall to my right. "Walk over to the wall, then back again. I want to watch you."

At first I just look at him, this is so strange!

He motions me, "Hup, hup, hup."

It's strange but... I walk. I walk there, I walk back. As I'm walking back he holds up his right hand. It's as high as my left breast. I get close and stop. He motions with his hand for me to get closer. I sigh, and get closer. He fondles my breast. It's creepy, but it doesn't feel bad.

"Once more." he says. I walk and this time when I come back it's his left hand that's up. I walk in and get my fondle.

"Very nice." he says, he helps me back onto the massage table then has Angie and Judy take their turns walking the walk. When Judy finishes we are all sitting on the massage table again.

"Ladies, you are beautiful, and I want to enjoy your beauty. I want you to enjoy my enjoying it too. We are going to meet regularly. When we do I will enjoy your beauty and I will help you with your studies. These will be beauty and tutoring sessions. The tutoring will both help you and help you explain why you are getting out regularly. Understood?"

It is strange, but we understand, we nod "Yes."

"When we meet I want you to show me your beauty." he smiles and looks us over, then continues, "When you are showing it with clothes on, pick clothes that are simple and show you off... like your sports clothes do. That means no high heels, no makeup or other skin decorating and..." he fondles each of us, "no bras. If you have to wear something different when you leave your house, have clothes for me in your pack. You can change when we meet."

"OK, that's our lesson for today. Unless you have any questions."

I say, "Why are we doing this?"

"You are doing this to learn to be my girls. When you learn that you will learn to love me when we get close and... intimate. When you learn it even more you will want to have my child. That is why we are doing this. That is the goal."

"You're crazy." says Judy.

The man smiles at her, "So it seems now. But that notion will change as you learn." he smiles at all of us, "Lesson done. I'll take you back to your car now."

He unties us. We put the sleeping masks back on and he takes us to our car.

Chapter Four

The next time we meet we meet just one-on-one, not all of us together.

"Ride your bike to the cemetery. I'll meet you there." he tells me on the phone. I ride into the cemetery and see his van parked near the center. The man is sitting on a bench nearby. As I ride up he motions for me to sit beside him. I get off and I do. I'm wearing a sweater and full-length jeans. He looks me over and doesn't break into that usual pleasurable grin.

"Not so good." he says, "You're too covered up." He gives me a quick fondle and sighs. I'm wearing a bra. "Still some learning to do. But I'm patient."

He pulls out a strip of cloth. I turn away and put arms behind. I'm tied.

"Walk for me." he says, and I do. I walk just once and he doesn't bother to fondle this time. As I come back he just leads me to the van. I get in the back and he stows my bike as well. We drive off.

This time the session consists mostly of tutoring. I brought my math book and we discussed trigonometry. The problems are still tough to solve, but I understood what I'm doing and why I'm doing it a lot better. I'm impressed, this guy knows his stuff.

As we finish he says, "OK, lets do a walk again, but without your bra this time."

I think for just a few seconds, turn away, pull off my sweater and bra, and put my sweater back on. I put my arms behind me and get tied again.

I walk. And this time I feel a lot more comfortable, and a bit flirtier as I do. It's hard to admit, but I kind of enjoyed it this time. I got to be girly.

That finished, I put my bra back on and the man took me back to the cemetery. I biked home.

Chapter Five

Angie, Judy and I are having lunch. We are alone at our own table so we can talk about the man.

"This guy is a creep, but he's not a psycho creep." says Angie after a swallow of her drink. Judy and I nod to that.

"He's really helped with my math." I say.

"He's helped me a lot with history, too." adds Judy.

"I wonder what he has a degree in?" muses Angie.

I look at the other two. "So... are we going to become his girls?" I ask.

There is no quick answer to that. We all put down a couple more mouthfuls of food.

"I'm still a virgin." says Judy, "I was never planning on being part of some hookup group."

"Well, this isn't going to be your typical hookup group, that's for sure!" we all laugh at that.

"Well, if this helps me get in the college I want, I'll play along some more." I say. (Oh... Angie and I are both virgins, too, by the way.)

I look at the others, "Should we set up another lesson?" They look back and nod. We all press our medallions. I get the callback.

"We are ready for another lesson, all of us." I say.

"Meet me at the cemetery. What time?" he says.

I look at the girls then say, "After practice tomorrow. That will be 5PM." They nod.

"5PM it is. See you all tomorrow."

He hangs up, we finish lunch, and head for our next classes.

Chapter Six

We know what he wants to see. We know that we won't get in trouble... unless we want it. We all dress simple and flirty for him. I wear a nice sun dress that shows off my shoulders and legs. Angie wears a crop top with short shorts, lots of midriff for him to see. Judy has a short top and a short denim skirt. We each have our school back packs and have our bras and text books stowed in those.

We bike to the cemetery. The man and van are there.

He looks us over and gets a big smile on his face. "Very nice" he says, "Very nice, indeed."

We sit on the bench next to the van. He ties us. We each take our turn walking the walk. The man is very pleased. So pleased he says, "Ladies, I'm not going to blindfold you this time. I'm going to let you see the house, let you see the address. In the future you can come and go as you please."

Wow! It seems things are working out well... for all of us.

We go to the house. It is only a few blocks away from our houses. We can bike their easily, even walking won't take too long. It's a pretty typical place, it wouldn't register as strange or creepy on anyone's scale. We head into the basement.

We do our tutoring then have a lesson in massage. The man starts us with a simple back rub. He does it well. He then asks, "Want more?" One at a time we get on the massage table. He gives us each a quick full-body massage from feet to head.

And that's our lesson for that day. He doesn't have to, but he takes us back to the cemetery and we bike home from there.

Chapter Seven

Over the next month I get tutored and I learn -- I learn more and more how to be his girl. While we are in tutoring mode we stay on target of me learning school stuff. When that ends we switch to me learning how good it feels to be his girl. We cuddle, I get more massages and I wear less and less clothes while we do. Wow! His hands are good. I get so turned on. Then he adds kisses all over my face and chest and tummy. Those feel so good too. After about two weeks he adds a bed to the basement room, that makes the cuddling a lot more intense. And we start watching videos together. It feels really comfortable to have his arm around me while we watch the show. I was getting a nice warm glow, and that warm glow lasted long after we spent some time cuddling in his bed. It was really like having sex, I felt warm and fuzzy and turned-on like I was having sex, even though I wasn't having sex. And I loved the cuddling afterwards, with his arm around me and my head on his chest I felt so relaxed and warm and fuzzy.

Yes, I really was learning to be his girl. Now the question became how much his girl did I really want to be. Did I want to have full-fledged sex? Did I want to have his baby?

Not yet... not yet...

Chapter Eight

My dad looked at my grades. "This new tutor of yours seems to be doing really well for you. And you see him a lot. I'd like to meet him."

I wasn't too surprised, but it certainly put a thrill in my day. How were we, the man and I, going to handle this? His name is Ralph, I know that, but I still think of him as the man... my man, actually, even though I share him with Angie and Judy.

I bring it up at our next tutor session. My man does not seem surprised.

"Part of your becoming my girl is my meeting your family. ...unless you were an immigrant and far, far from home. It doesn't have to be long and involved. I can come over for a visit before we have a tutoring session.

"Yeah," I think, "this is a brilliant solution to this crisis." My admiration climbs another notch. We decide on meeting at my place before the next session, an evening session.

The meeting goes quickly and well. My Dad is impressed and by the time they say goodbye I can see from his body language that he doesn't see anything to worry about. Ralph and I head over to his place for some physics tutoring followed by some physics cuddling. My accomplishments at both leave me feeling really warm and satisfied. As far as my feelings are concerned being his girl is working out well.

Chapter Nine

I am getting really turned on during our cuddling sessions and I'm vividly remembering the warm and fuzzies during the following days. I'm daydreaming in my classes. I'm getting impatient for athletics to end so I can get cleaned up and into a tutoring session.

I'm feeling like I'm getting really ready to be his girl.

But school is nearly over. I will be graduating and going to college. And before that happens there is all of summer vacation. Wow! Lots of changes and lots of opportunities to be his girl in lots of new ways.

... All-in-all ...Wow!

Angie, Judy and I have a girl-on-girl chat about this one Saturday over lunch. They are feeling the same issues.

"Well, we could all go to the same college." I offer as a solution to the geography part of the problem.

At first I get looks of incredulity. But as we think about it a while, it transforms from complete nonsense into a far-out possibility.

"Which college?"

"Well, we've got the community college just a few blocks over. We can all get into that, no sweat. And we can say we are doing it because it's a lot cheaper than a 4-year college -- go there for two years, cheap, then transfer into the 4-year of our choice."

"And... we can keep our tutor." adds Judy. Angie and I think a moment on that, then grin and nod.

Angie adds, "Is there a 4-year we can all go to -- as a Plan B?"

Judy says, "Well, there's three here in town. Does anyone have a favorite we can all get into somewhere else?"

I say, "Should we have a lesson with Ralph on this?"

The girls agree that that is a good idea. We press our chokers and set up a meeting for that evening.

Then we get on to talking about other topics.

Chapter Ten

"There is a benefit to having you all at the same college far away. The benefit is that you can all live together and not be seeing your parents every day. You can rent an apartment near the campus. I can help arrange that, and I can rent an apartment near yours." he smiles, "Your learning can get quite intense."

We girls agree that that is a good Plan A. We also come up with a good Plan B and C.

And, it turns out, Plan A happens. We girls all go, we live together, we learn our studies, we learn to be his girls, we all graduate, and now we are all happily pursuing careers and motherhood while we continue to live together.

Wow! This was so not on my list of things that could happen!

But it has, and the ending has been happy... real happy for all of us.



--The End--