Chapter Two

The man I'd never seen was standing behind me. He grabbed my hair and wrapped his arm around me holding my breasts. I think, professional or not, this creep enjoys his work. He forced me to lean backwards into him so I was off balance, then we shuffled across the floor into my living room. He banged me into a folding metal chair -- something he must have brought -- then shuffled me around to sit in it. As I sat down he pulled my arms up so they went down behind the back of the chair. Now he tied my ankles once more, this time to the cross bar on the chair.

I heard him walk out of the room. I tested the ropes holding my wrists and ankles. I wasn't getting out of them fast. The gag was tight, and there was no way I could rub the tape off my eyes while I was sitting in the chair. I was helpless.

I heard him come back. I heard him move another folding chair and sit down beside me. He touched my nipple with something cool. He moved it up my breast and my neck to my cheek. It was a glass, perhaps of water. He pulled a little at my gag. Did I want it off? Was I thirsty?

I nodded yes. He reached behind my head and undid the knot, he pulled the gag out. I worked my mouth a moment. Yes, I was thirsty.

"OK" I said, the glass touched my lips. I leaned forward slightly, I felt the glass tip, and the cool liquid touch my lips. It's amazing how much you depend on sight, your own hands, and your own touch to eat. Drinking like this felt totally alien. I was clumsy at first, a few drops dribbled down my chin and dripped to my chest. Soon I had drunk what I wanted. I tipped back. The man took away the glass, and wiped the drops from my chest. He got up and went elsewhere.

Nothing happened for a while. I didn't know where he was, so after a while I started testing my bonds. Freeing my ankles was out of the question, so I quietly and slowly started exploring the rope holding my wrists.

The rope was a smooth braided nylon, and "Mr. Bondsman" had been careful not to cut off my circulation so I could twist my wrists inside the loops. But because my arms were so high, I couldn't get any leverage to pull out. I tried feeling for the knot, I could touch it, but I'd have to really squirm to do more.

There was the harsh beep of a cellular phone nearby behind me. I heard it open, Mr. Bondsman had been back there watching me! I felt the phone being put to my ear, and I listened.

"Hello, are you there?" it was Dad. I felt a single muscle tighten up across my neck, and I started crying under my blindfold.

"Yes, Dad, I'm here." I said it calmly and evenly, but that's all I could get out without blubbering. In my mind I suddenly saw myself as Dorothy being held by the wicked witch. She was seeing Auntie Em in the crystal ball, but she couldn't get her to hear. Dad could hear me, but that just meant I couldn't blubber. It'd scare him so!

"Are you all right?" he said it calmly as well, as if nothing were the matter at all.

"I'm all right, so far, but, Dad, I'm scared!" just one sob, then the cellular was pulled away, and I heard it click closed. Now I really bawled. I didn't know what was happening, but that call really brought home that it was serious.