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The Pedestal

by Rojero De Blanco, January 2002, copyright August 2005

I rang the bell.

It was thirty seconds or so before the eye came to the viewer, and then the door opened... a long time considering Melene knew I was coming, and she knew I didn't like waiting.

Melene stood in the doorway, wearing a tight, shiny, knee-length, tube-skirt, and nothing else! Well, maybe she had on some panties, but no top, no stockings and no shoes. Where she found that skirt, I have no idea! But I'm sure glad she did. Mmmm... it creaked a bit as she moved, and it was clearly holding her thighs tightly together as she stood in front of me.

She moved a half-step to the right; I came in; she shut the door.

Beside her, on a hook on the wall, was a coil of inch-thick braided nylon robe. With a delicate hand, she lifted it from the hook and handed it to me. She turned away; took a moment to move her wavy waist-long hair so that it all cascaded over her breasts instead of her back, then held her arms out behind her -- vertical and elbow-to-elbow.

We met two months ago. A month ago we finished the, "Yes, I'll respect you in the morning." and the, "Yes, we like playing the same games." preliminaries. In public, I not only respect her opinions, I'm a subtle booster: when she gets on her soapbox, I ask the right questions. In private, we agree to let primal instinct rule: When I want to dominate, I dominate. When she dominates, it's with my permission. In between, we touch, and rub, and pillow talk a lot.

And, we both like bondage that is stringent and sensual, but not painful or humiliating. For us, bondage is an extension of massage.

Now she stood, arms behind her. It was clear who was to dominate first. In earlier sessions I had moved quickly to bind those delicate limbs. She had a fine young frame; her wrists were the same size as her hands, and I was sometimes amazed that the coils of rope I put on her wrists didn't just slip to the floor.

This time I touched her with the ropes, but at first I didn't coil them around her. I moved the coils up and down her arms, teasingly. Her body stiffened at the first touch, then her breathing deepened; her fingers twitched a bit, and her elbows moved closer together. She clearly wanted elbow-to-elbow tonight.

I put a simple crossover around her wrists... only a half knot... it would be sufficient. From there I coiled the rope up-and-up her arms, each coil resting next to the last so no skin showed through. Her head slumped forward a bit, and the skirt creaked slightly as she held her balance. Just below her elbows, I stopped. I looped the end of the rope around the last two coils to make a convenient leash about three feet long, and my lady was bound!

I rubbed her bare upper arms a bit, then spun her around. Her face rose as she turned and I kissed her deeply.

While we kissed, I said, "Hello." to her body: I moved my hands all over it. From her slim throat down over her shoulders and arms, to her out-thrust breasts, to her slim waist and lower back. I was about to unzip the skirt when she pulled back.

"Umm, not yet." she said. She quick-kissed me, then pulled back again, "I told you: I have a surprise for you, tonight." She slipped her bound arms around to her right, and slid her hands up and down my arm that was still holding her rump. Ummm, I didn't mind that at all! She looked up at me, her eyes half-closed a bit.

"What is it, wench?" I pinched her rump a bit... she was enjoying this too much!

Her eyes widened in mock anger. She quick-kissed me again, then nuzzled my neck, "Take me to the bedroom."

"That's no surprise." I said. I moved her long tresses from her breasts to her back again, and started to nibble the left one.

She clearly didn't mind, but after a quick breath or two whispered, "Just do it."

I grabbed her by the hair at neck level. Her hair was beautiful... long, thick, soft. The top half was straight, but only because of the weight of what cascaded below. The bottom fell into gentle waves, and one strand was barely long enough to cover her navel. It's another instinct: Women grow long hair so men can grab it and dominate them. She knew it; I knew it, and we were both happy with it. I marched her into the bedroom.

The door was open to the bedroom, but she had a large bedroom, and it was dark inside. I couldn't see a thing. As we entered, she slipped sideways to the right. In a second her hands were on the dimmer switch and the light came up a bit. I gasped.

Facing the doorway was pedestal, I knew that from previous visits. On it was usually found a large replica of an ancient Chinese prancing pony, Melene had class. Now the prancing pony was on the floor nearby, and on the pedestal WAS A SLIM ASIAN LADY! Kneeling... Head down humbly... Bound... Gagged... Naked but for a black silk G-string held in place by two leather straps low around her hips.

My hand dropped from Melene's hair. This was a prize worthy of that pedestal! I moved to inspect...

Melee somehow fiddled some more with the lights... The kneeling lady on the pedestal was brought into highlight...

She was almost more than I could grasp. A slim Asian lady with wide hips, a flat tummy and straight hair down to ... well below her navel, almost to her crotch! How could she have such long hair? In her mouth was a small red ball, small enough to sink in deeply, where a ball gag belongs, her lips half covered it. A thin rawhide strap crossed her cheeks and hair to hold it in place.

The bondage... the bondage... her elbows were held behind her with a thick mass of coils, and cords circled around her shoulders and behind her neck to hold those coils in place. Her wrists were held together with a slightly smaller mass of coils, and cords wrapped around her waist and between her legs to hold that mass in place. Her knees and ankles were both held with cinched coils. She could move -- she was not hog-tied or ball-tied -- but she would never free herself of those coils without help.

The woman... the woman... she was Asian beauty incarnate. Modest breasts, flaring hips, flat tummy, long straight hair... My hand reached out.... The hair was not soft, but her skin was tight and flawless. My hand moved under her jaw and pulled her head up. She looked me full in the face. Her eyes were wide and brown. When my hand moved away from her head, she returned to humbly looking at her knees. My hand wandered her body....

"Her name is Alicia." Melene spoke as my hand wandered this marvel. "I think a lot of you, John. And these days I trust you. Alicia is a dear friend. I think a lot of her, and I want the best for her. I think you are the best."

I looked up at Melene. "You tied her?" Melene nodded.

"She and I have similar tastes. We've been looking for a long time for a man to fill that hole we have, our 'instinctual hole' to be dominated by a man." Melene walked over to me and nuzzled into my neck. "You've filled it for me... perhaps you can fill it for Alicia as well? If you can, we will all be much happier."

I looked back at Alicia while Melene nuzzled. "Look at me." I ordered her. Her head rose. "Look at me, carefully." I continued to order. She looked me up and down, then continued to watch. I grabbed Melene by the nape of the neck, pulled her head up, and kissed her medium hard. My right hand fondled her breast, she was once again breathing deeply, my lips moved to her neck; I bent her back and gave her a Hollywood Kiss -- she was bent backwards, I was quick kissing her neck and chest. She looked very contented. I straightened her up and pushed her off a half-step.

I started to undress, and I watched Alicia. Melene caught her breath, moved to Alicia. She nuzzled Alicia's neck, then whispered in her ear. Alicia nodded affirmatively, all the while watching me as ordered, and Melene smiled... a good sign.

"Get me a gag." I told Melene. She headed off for the waterbed. I was naked about the time she returned. She reached from behind her to hold up a finely cut strap with a ball stitched to the center of one side. "Open up." I took it, fitted it into Melene's mouth, and buckled it in place. I lead her back over to beside Alicia. What a sight! Two lovely beauties, bound helpless and gagged! It was too much to pass on.

"Relax now, Alicia. You've seen enough. And, Melene: Where's the camera?" I asked. Melene motioned with her eyes, and I found the Nikon on a table near the bed. A quick photo session followed next... nice thing about being a Dominating Male: in my presence, neither girl was shy.

I removed gags, and did some more kissing and fondling. I explored Alicia's body some more while she told me about herself. It was a warm and fuzzy interlude. Then I Hollywood Kissed Melene again. This time I leaned her back on to the pedestal; her head rested on Alicia's knees. When I had my fill, I grabbed Alicia by the neck and bent her down. She took over where I left off. Both look quite happy and comfortable.

"Enough!" I lifted Melene to standing once more. I said to Alicia, "I'm blindfolding you and throwing you on the waterbed!" One doesn't throw a lady without warning, but with warning, they eat it up. I blindfolded her, hoisted her on my back, walked over to the waterbed, slipped her from my back to my arms, and One... Two... Three! Threw her on the waterbed! ... From all of, maybe, six inches high. Then I jumped on top of her and started kissing her vigorously. That went on for a minute, I was getting warm... when I heard Melene clear her throat. Melene!

I looked back. Somehow, she was now on the pedestal, kneeling where Alicia had been, still in her tube skirt. How she got there without falling off, I'll never know. Women are truly amazing, both in deed, and in what they can look like! I blindfolded her, and tossed her on the waterbed, too.

It as a truly amazing night.

-- The End --