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Free Thinker Pains

by Rojero De Blanco, August 1996, copyright August 2005

"I told you two, 'No.' You can't come in to play. I'm busy."

The Bobsie Twins pouted at me. Seventeen is a wonderful age for women's lips. They have all their fullness, the skin is firm, and they can do anything they want to their faces and still look good. These two were working up their "waif look" -- a little outdated, but one I really enjoy because it's less clowny looking than the full, red-lipped '50s look they were trying last month.

It's also a wonderful age for wearing low-cut jeans. Where their flat tummies pulled in deeper than their flaring hips, I could see down to their panties. Yes, these two were dressed to kill -- low cut jeans and string tops, and they were each holding something behind their backs.

"We know what you're busy at." Tina said like she was on to some big secret.

Tanya giggled, "We were watching. Daddy's got a nightscope."

"Christ!" I muttered under my breath. I pay a lot for my apartment view, and I like enjoying it every chance I get. So do my women. Making love while looking out on the city lights brings an inner peace that's unreal. I keep the lights out, and, up until now, that's been sufficient privacy.

"Sorry girls. If you've been watching, then you know I've been making love, and you're under age. You ever heard of the term, 'Jail Bait'?"

"We have, but..." said Tina.

"this isn't America. And..." said Tanya.

"We don't want you to fuck us. We just want to watch." finished Tina, and they both smiled at me so innocently.

My jaw opened and shut a couple times before I finally said, "You two are crazy...."

"Who is it, dear?" Caroline was standing at the bedroom door. She's six feet tall, 20, and has the best legs I've ever experienced. There wasn't a stitch of clothes on her, and, her arms were completely behind her back. Walking down the street she looks small breasted, but standing like this you can see that's only an optical illusion.

"How did you get loose?" I said.

"I didn't, you were just sloppy about tying my legs. Hi Tina. Hi Tanya."

The Bobsie twins waved back, "Can we watch?"

Caroline thought for a moment, "Why not?" she smiled and turned back into the bedroom. Her arched back; the thick white ropes holding those graceful elbows and wrists helpless over that tight rump... she was arresting to look at, going and coming.

"Free thinker!" I yelled at her disappearing figure. I sighed, looked back at the twins and said lightheartedly, "Women, what am I going to do with you!"

"Tie us up." Tanya said brightly, and both girls showed me what they'd been hiding behind their backs. Tina had a beautiful, thick, braided nylon rope, and Tanya had rawhide straps.

I sighed again. "You kids know me too well. Come on in." I shut the door behind them.

Tanya was first. She handed me the straps then turned around and put her wrists together behind her, but not crossed. "I got these at the Grunts and Postures. They're organic and made by a real Apache Indian to hobble his horses. I'll get a lot of spiritual bonding with these."

She was leaning back, not forward, so her arms and back made a sensuous circle of flesh that almost joined at her waist. I coiled the rawhide gently around those waiting wrists. Gently, because the cinch would take up the slack, and I didn't want those wonderful, spiritual straps to give her a redskin rash before the night was over. The friction of that rawhide would hold her just fine. I knotted the straps, then wrapped a loop around her waist to hold her hands tightly to the center of her back. She tested the bonds and found them secure. She spun around and gave me a quick kiss.

"Undo my top, will you?" she said, then cuddled her head into my chest. Her blond hair was soft and very natural feeling on my chest. My heart quickened, and without thought my hand moved to the nape of her neck to undo the knot there. She snuggled closer, and my hand slid down her back to the second knot. It slipped apart as fast as the rawhide around her wrists had knotted. A little hum of pleasure, another quick kiss, and Tanya was off to the bedroom following Caroline.

Tina always kissed first and asked questions later, if ever. There was nothing quick about this kiss. My hands slid down to her rump, then down beyond her short denim skirt. If I brought them back up under her skirt, what would I find? Was she Scottish? My hands started up, but she moved her hands behind her to protect. I caught her wrists and brought her arms high up behind her in a double arm lock. Her eyes half shut in pleasure. Then, it was as if she'd forgotten something.

She squirmed away from me; I let her lose. "Put up your dukes." she said. She'd dropped the rope and was standing there like she was ready to give Mike Tyson some trouble. I held my hands up in front of me to give her a target. She was getting pretty good at this, she gave my hands a couple jabs, then went into a combination of left jab, left jab, and a down-the-barrel right. My hands weren't exactly stinging from the attack, but she was learning to put her weight behind those punches. As she pulled back from that right, I moved neatly behind her to the left and pulled her left wrist with me. She finished the combination with me holding her from behind, her left arm locked behind her, and my right arm securely around her breasts.

She wasn't too surprised, and instead of leaning forward away from me, she came up on her toes and leaned back into my shoulder. Neat move, I couldn't pull her arm any higher because it was wedged between her back and my chest. This girl had great moves! She tried to free her wrist by grabbing my hand with her other hand, on the way she'd brushed my crotch. She wasn't really trying to get free, of course, I soon had both arms locked behind her, the second by a thumb. She grunted a sweet girlish grunt and continued to lean into me waiting for my next move, her fingers were stroking my chest and her head and hair were brushing my shoulder and neck. I stroked her breasts for a moment, women's breasts are just too soft and wonderful feeling to ignore completely at anytime. Almost seventeen, God! What fun she was going to be when she was legal!

"Pick up the rope I said." I moved my arm from her breasts to holding her hair. I kept a grip on her right wrist. She complied, but didn't bend her knees, just her waist. It would have looked silly, if it hadn't hiked her short skirt way up. I didn't have to wonder anymore about what she had on under the skirt. She was impressive. The lines of her legs curved in and out with classic young girl beauty, and she had quite a spread at the top…. I was getting distracted, and Tina knew it. She'd been picking through the ropes, not picking them up.

I let go of her wrist and slapped that smooth white derrière. "Up, up." She came up quickly, her left hand behind her with the rope. I doubled up the rope and looped three loops loosely around her wrists, then tightened them with three cinching loops. There was enough rope left over to loop around her neck, and back to her wrists. While I was doing this Tina was watching in the hall mirror. It gave her a three quarter view, and she was enjoying watching the show almost as much as being part of it. As I pulled her arms up to her bra line, her shoulders went back, her chest forward and her eyes half closed in delight. When I finished, her wrists were between her shoulder blades, held high, but not tightly, by the loop around her neck. I smacked her rump once more, and she spun around and looked down at her breasts.

"I still have my top on!" she said in dismay.

I grabbed her to me and kissed her hard. My hands moved up and down her neck and back, and the strings holding the top were undone. As we broke, the top fell to the floor and Tina smiled. "Much better. Now... should we find out what Tanya and Caroline are up to?"

I stepped back a moment. Tina said she was five ten, but if so she'd shrunk a couple inches in the last six months. Her skin was thick and oily and she still had acne. Before she got man crazy last year, she looked like an overgrown twelve year old. She had cute conical breasts with large nipples. On an average size woman they would have been C cup, on her big frame they looked like A cup. Her hips were narrow. She was all woman, but no more than that. When she wore her hair short and dressed layered with no makeup, she could pass for a homely, pimply teenage boy. Last month she'd walked through the Alta Club locker room asking for Mr. Rostentowski.

But this evening that was not possible. Her hair was in a braid, she had on just enough makeup to hide the zits, and that skirt left no doubt as to gender. She stood in front of me, arms tucked behind and back arched by the ropes, a sturdy rope necklace, and I was supposed to stay cool? She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and lifted up on her toes. I couldn't watch that for long! Not without serious risk to my plan wait until she was eighteen-and-one-minute before I got to "know" her!...

I took her by the braid and lead her into the bedroom.

Tanya and Caroline had not waited. That's the trouble with free thinkers, they're always thinking, and I was in a nest of them here. Tanya had Caroline backed up against a wall, and she was nibbling her breasts. Caroline was taking it placidly and nuzzling Tanya's head. She looked up and said, "Oh, you two finally made it."

"Not a moment too soon, I see."

"We're just passing time." Caroline said, her eyes half closed. Tanya was still nibbling away intently.

"Well, time for a change, kids." I said. I grabbed Caroline and Tanya by the hair and walked them over to the chair I had in the center of the room. I sat Caroline in the chair and Tanya in her lap, mostly to keep her out of mischief for a moment. I grabbed a pillow from the bed. "On your knees and turn around." I said to Tanya. She grinned and slipped off, turned around and waited expectantly.

Caroline looked confused for a moment, then said, "No way!"

"Yes, way." I said as I slipped the pillow behind her rump so she was forced to the edge of the chair, then tied her ankles outside the chair legs so her legs were spread wide. I blindfolded her, then blindfolded Tanya, and had her kneel in front of Caroline. I slapped Tanya on the rump and said, "Have your way with her." Tanya inched forward with her head moving side to side until she touched one of Caroline's legs. From there she kissed her way into a landing in Caroline's crotch. Caroline was breathing heavy and moaning. This was clearly not on her "been there, done that" list. There are some things even a free thinker has yet to think of!

Tina nuzzled me, "What about me?"

"You're her twin, right?" I blindfolded her and helped her to her knees. I pulled up a chair to beside Caroline's and sat in it. Her radar was as good as Tanya's and in a moment she landed in my crotch.

There's something very special about virgin sex. These girls don't know what they're missing, but they're sure whatever it is, it's very, very good. So they are excited, and work very hard to make sure what they're doing feels very, very good for their lover. They feel, they check, they aren't self centered, or distracted by their own needs... not much anyway.

I was going crazy, and I could hear Caroline in the same state. I could feel juices starting to surge in my prostate. I pulled Tina off. It wasn't easy. "Mmm!" she said sharply, and held on gently, working for one last circle with her tongue.

"Chinese fire drill!" I said, breathlessly, I was having a hard time concentrating on what I needed to do, "Time to change partners." I reached into Caroline's crotch and gently pulled Tanya out. "You girls need to broaden your experience." I panted.

"Ooo." Tanya protested, then worked around outside Tina while Tina slid inside to Caroline.

Where Tina was sensitive, Tanya was vigorous, and given my hardened state, that matched perfectly. Juices were swelling up in me again. I could feel it coming… Tanya let go and backed off. Was this some kind of sick frustration joke? No, no... somehow, Tanya slipped in under, and had my scrotum, and I have never... ever... felt such a deep surge. God! An orgasm feels like it should last forever, and this one felt like it did. I pulsed and surged and pulsed and surged and… Tanya stayed right with me, she caught the rhythm and it was like resonance. I couldn't stop, I couldn't stop… but somehow... I did. I slumped. Tanya was gentle now, and she worked my legs rather than my hypersensitive crotch. Incredible!

Finally, I looked over. Caroline was breathing quietly under a sheen of sweat. She was moving her limbs one after another. Time for freedom.... It took some effort, but I reached over and undid the knot on her wrists and an ankle. I leaned forward and undid the knots holding Tina and Tanya, then I slumped back to simply enjoy my vacuum. I was as drained as I could be.

I felt three sets of hands massaging my arms and legs. The three of them helped me over to the waterbed. Once a king always a king, but… what was I thinking? The girls rolled me on my stomach. One was pulling my arms gently behind me; one was crossing my ankles, and one was pulling out... the Mazola oil! Well… maybe I wasn't totally drained. It was going to be a long, interesting night. There may be something to this free thinking after all.

-- The End --