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The Investment

by Roger B. White, Jr., copyright 2010

The railroad not only brought new ideas and prosperity, it brought first Frenchmen and then Austrians who felt my valley needed protecting. The Kalnichovs were indeed swept away by the tide. But to my surprise, so was I! Governors were appointed by those outsiders and a thriving provincial capital grew up where the railroad crossed the river. As the Kalzov Valley grew in prosperity, the coffee houses I had experienced with Lupin in London came to us, and more of our young men grew up educated and angry. I, their Baron, was seen as an anachronism and an impediment to progress and Falcon’s Rest became a backwater.

Still I wished the best for the people of my valley and if they were outgrowing their need for a ruling baron, so be it! It was time for a retirement … but mine would be no ordinary retirement. I would not go out with a whimper! And there was one more thing I needed to accomplish.

I abandoned Falcon’s Lair for ten years after my beloved Adrijana died. When I came back it was not to make Falcon’s Lair a home, but a stage, as you will see …

Before we begin, a word to my more tender-hearted readers: As in a previous story, things are not always as they seem