Works In Progress

Visions of 2051

These are works-in-progress, mostly just thoughts and outlines

Table of Contents

Random Thoughts Lifestyles Wise Old Man Hard Times 2
03-Overview (May 16) 50-Baby Club (Jan 17) 30-Notes for Wise Old Man stories (Jan 16) 40-intro (Jan 16)
00-mixed bag 01 (Jan 16) 55-Megan's Party Time (Jan 17) 31-Wise Old Man -- JC version (Jan 16) 41-mikipedia entry (Jan 16)
01-mixed bag 02 (May 16) 64-The Paralympics Crisis (Mar 17)   42-Chap-01 (Jan 16)
02-outline (Feb 17)     43-Chap-02 (Jan 16)
      44-Chap-03 (May 16)
TES thinking styles Romance with Wearables Around City Hall 45-Chap-04 (May 16)
71-Thinking in the TES worlds (Aug 16) 61-Mixing Romance and Wearables (Apr 16) 62-The Princess, The Fly, and City Hall (May 16)  
72-Paycheck to Paycheck lifestyle (Aug 16) 61a-He's the one? (Jun 16) Electioneering in VR (May 16)  
73-Leisure Time in TES (Aug 16) 63-The Evolution of Wearables (May 16)   Just fun stuff
74-Enfranchisement in TES (Dec 16)     Alien Girlfriend (Nov 16)