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Back in the days when the company consisted of about 20 employees, Novell personnel used to get together about once a month for a potluck lunch, celebration of the month’s birthdays, introduction of new employees, and the chance to hear Ray talk about how the company was doing.

As time passed, things changed some, especially the company. And when the company reached the magic number of 85 employees, someone suggested that maybe the thing was getting a little out of hand with all the food and work people were putting into the meeting.

So Novell held a final, company-wide Mexican potluck, after which the meeting was reorganized into a different format. The potluck turned into a cake and milk affair and with the move to the Ogden Building was divided into two separate gatherings.

Judith and Communications Coordinator Dianna Solberg then devised the name MEMBERS, an acronym for Monthly Employees’ Meeting Before Enjoying Ray’s Speech. (But at least one Life After Novell member guesses an unofficial “Barely” for the B.)

From Novell Network, Apr ’86, p. 17


748 North Members Meeting

1170 Members Meeting

Engineering Humor

Another story of that time: The Engineering department at Novell was a stronghold for Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons.

One in particular that gained widespread circulation had the nerdy little kid going into the school for the gifted with a door labeled “Pull”, and he was pushing as hard as he could. The label of the school name would get changed by almost each displayer of it. So one for instance had “Microsoft School for the Gifted”.

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