Special Events at Hotel 3


Life was not day to day living alone. Many one-of-a-kind things happened at Hotel 3, too. These are some pictures of a few of them.

Party Time

It's Party Time at the 313th. I don't remember the occasion, but steaks and beer where brought out in abundance, and a good time was had by all.
Dan Cullis was Steakmeister for the occasion.
Highlight of the party was a "Donahue Dunking".

Gas Mask and M-16 Drill

It's time to check out if we know how to use our weapons and gas masks. The 34th group heads for the range.
This is the only tank I saw in Vietnam. I saw it on the way to the range.
Everyone unloads and heads for the briefing room.
"You all know what this is, right?"
"Have they popped them yet?"
The masks prove worthy.
  Our clothes, on the other hand, don't pass. The gas stings any moist skin it contacts, and in Vietnam, that's a lot of skin.
After the gas drill came the weapons drill. We fired our M-14's. The interesting thing about that drill was not firing the M-14's, but watching some Aussies next to us practice with live hand grenades. After a while it got dull watching them... until one of them missed the pit with his toss and the grenade came rolling back our way! I've never seen bored, disinterested men hit the ground so quickly. The "take cover" reflex was well developed in Vietnam, even in rear areas.

The MACV Finance Fire

One afternoon I kept hearing "popcorn" going off outside the barracks. After a few minutes I walked out on the porch to investigate, and saw half a nearby building in flames. It was the MACV Finance building, and in the end it was completely consumed.
The airport fire truck arrives at the scene.
Moving hose into position.
Classic hosework.
This man was working hard not to lose something in the fire. How sucessful he was, I have no idea.
In the end, the building was consumed.