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The Emperor of Earth

by Roger Bourke White Jr., copyright January 2007


You wish a story about how I, an alien from the planet Doan U-Beleevit, became Emperor of all of Earth and protector of the Solar System? How, with a single ship and a crew of three thousand aliens of roughly human capability, I came to rule your planet with its nine billion people, and become the protector of the rest of the Solar System, with its other billion?

Many have wished for this story, wished for decades. Many other people have told this tale... and told it and told it. But before now, for me to have told my version would have been... risky... The information I will give you could have been used against me. But now I am old, and my place as Emperor is secured by my ill health -- my enemies now find it prudent to wait for my natural death. So... for me... all is as well, and as good, as it's going to get, which makes this a good time for this story to be told....